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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Show for the Dads...

VH1s summer series "Dad Camp" takes the focus off moms-to-be for once, and puts it squarely on the shoulders of some dads-to-be who could stand to spend some time in erious parenting boot camp. VH1 describes the show:

Each couple at VH1 DAD CAMP has a major dilemma: she's pregnant... but he's not ready or willing to accept the duties of fatherhood. Dealing with guys who drink, smoke, and don't have jobs (but do have anger issues), VH1 Dad Camp takes on one of our nations greatest concerns. In June 2009, father of two Barack Obama issued a call to the nation's dads to "step up" and take responsibility...VH1, 3 Ball Productions, and Dr. Jeff Gardere have answered the call..

You can watch the whole series online!

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