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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tips Tuesday!

Don't go nuts while pregnant or nursing! As new mom Kourtney Kardashian can attest, infant allergies can be very scary for both mommy and baby and are relatively common. In fact by age two, approximately six percent of children may develop a food allergy and for infants with a family history of allergies, the likelihood of developing an allergy may be two or three times greater. Therefore, all expectant mothers and new moms should be made aware of the seriousness of food allergies.

The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) and the American College of Allergy, Ashtma & Immunolgy (ACAAI) are great recources for prenatal education about the basics and prevention of food allergies. Tips such as " refrain from eating peanuts through the duration of pregnancy and breastfeeding to avoid introducing peanut proteins to (your) offspring"and "a nursing mother should avoid eating other foods that a baby is commonly allergic to such as eggs and cows' milk" are all available on their sites.

Since this is tip Tuesday here are some helpful hints for dealing with food allergies:

Carefully check all ingredient labels
Learn other names of the food responsible for the allergy
Exercise caution when eating out because restaurant staff is not always aware of specific ingredients or how food is prepared

For more information regarding food allergies, we recommend checking out the "Preventing or Delaying the Onset of Food Allergies in Infants" brochure at, contacting FAAN at (800) 929-4040 or you can visit the at or call them at their toll free number (800) 842-7777.

On a happier note, here is another tip granted to you by the ladies of Moody Mamas- check out our collection and enter to win a piece from the collection. All you have to do is click here and tell us what your favorite two pieces are on this blog via commenting. We also have some great sales going on right now on so be sure to check them out!!!

Have a wonderful day:)
The Moody Mamas

Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday, Monday...

We hope that that everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! Thanksgiving weekend was fabulous for the fashion world! Designer Stella Mc Cartney and her husband welcomed their fourth child, daughter Reiley on November 23 and Nina Garcia of Project Runway fame announced the birth of her son Alexander!

Equally exciting, two members from the Moody Mamas family got engaged over the holiday weekend! As they say, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage...very exciting news all around!

Does anyone have a case of "the Mondays"? After such a wonderful mini-vacay, it's sometimes difficult to get back into the swing of things...especially work! Being gone for even a few days can make the emails pile up and the stress start to mount. Good thing is the "Oh God it's Monday" feeling will turn into "Thank God it's Friday" in just a few days! Here are a few fun ways to get rid of the Monday's:

  • Take advantage of Cyber Monday! The fabulous follow-up to Black Friday except you do not need to exert as much energy! Most of the major store chains and online stores including our own, will be hosting special deals today so check them out. Some of our favorite sales sites-,, and Ok, shameless self promotion but check them out for some deals!

  • Monday night tv specials! Since we are now in the full swing of the holiday season, television specials like "CMA Country Christmas" are on, a lot of times on Monday night. Not everyone's source of mental medication, but t.v. can definitely be a stress reliever, especially when it full of holiday cheer!

  • Don't feel like cooking? A lot of restaurants and fast food chains offer special weekday discounts just for people like you! Check sites like metromix for daily restaurant deals near you.

  • Speaking of eating...did anyone else binge eat for the past few days? Not as fun, but Monday is the perfect day to start your week off right. Whether it is starting to eat healthier, going to the gym, or finally doing that laundry that has piled up for the past two weeks...Monday is the beginning of the week and is a great day to make some positive lifestyle changes.

Remember to enter our Moody Mamas holiday giveaway for a chance to win a piece from our new fabulous capsule collection! All you have to do to enter is go to , tell us your favorite two items on this blog in the comments section and voila you are entered. The contest ends December 31st. Have a great day!


The Moody Mamas

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday!!

We hope that everyone had a delicious holiday! We are definitely in a turkey coma right now and excited to burn off some calories shopping! Though we anticipate that the mall will be a mad house right now, we know that there will some great finds. Feeling a little sluggish or don't want to leave the house? We have some awesome deals going on right now in all of the places Moody Mamas is sold in. Check out,, or for great steals and deals all in the convenience of your home.

Tis the season of giving so we are giving you the chance to win a Moody Mamas piece from our Target collection. All you have to do is go to , pick out your favorite 2 pieces and comment about them on this blog.

Now, stop reading this blog and get to your shopping!! Have a wonderful weekend,

The Moody Mamas

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy almost Thanksgiving!

The time has come, the day is near, turkey time is almost here!! We bet that you are scrambling your way through crowded airports, swamped train stations and tons of traffic just to get to your next meal! It will be worth it in the end. Just remember the old adage, "patience is a virtue".

Friday is the official start to holiday shopping and we are so excited about all of the wonderful deals that are coming our way. We too have fantastic deals on going on in celebration of Black Friday and Cyber Monday so keep your eyes open and your computer near. Also, if you are looking for a freebie, be sure to check out and register for our Moody Mamas giveaway in honor of our fabulous and affordable capsule collection at All you have to do to enter is check out our Target collection and tell us which two pieces are your favorite via "commenting" on our blog and ta da, you are enrolled for a chance to win a great piece. It's as easy as that!

Since many of you will be traveling in the next few days here are some tips to help you have a more enjoyable travel experience:

1) Play music for yourself and the baby- your baby might get a little cranky from being in the car too long as well, so whether in utero or already born, play some good jams for you both to enjoy

2) Enjoy silly car games of yesteryear- remember those funny games like "try to find a license plate for every state" while you are on the road, or "count how many people are picking their noses while they drive"- you might feel like a kid again and it will make the time pass faster

3) Do a magazine exchange- ever been on a long plane ride, finish your magazine collection only to find out that you have 2 more hours left?!!! Don't panic, make a new friend (who has a similar stack of magazines)and ask if they want to switch. You might end up talking for the remainder of the trip or at the very least you will have something new to read!

4) Bring delicious snacks- sure the "big gorge" is tomorrow, but no need to put off the yummy snacking today. Having something tasty to look forward to always make the journey more enjoyable. If you are in the car and have the money to make some rest stops, check out some local restaurants or specialty chains along the way to spice up the trip- heading down south? Check out Cracker Barrel. Awesome biscuits and a really fun store.

5) Chat- how often are you in tight quarters with your family? Take the time to get into some good convos. Try to make them light and humorous. Yelling and screaming on the road is dangerous and not pleasant for anyone...

Congrats to Kelly Preston and John Travolta on their baby boy, Benjamin!! Safe travels everyone!!

The Moody Mamas

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tips Tuesday!

Award shows, concerts, and parades are all things that celebs have to look forward to come this time of year. Generally, it does not stop for stars even when they are pregnant. Imagine feeling sluggish and hungry, then being told that you have to show off your newly pregnant belly to the general public? Well, if you are the singer, Pink, you might feel excited about it! Baring the belly is something a lot of celebs do when they are pregnant, Demi Moore started that trend and as we mentioned recently, Miranda Kerr was pictured recently posing nude as well. However, we ask you, do real folks like to bare their bellies in public when expecting? If so, is this a fashion DO or a fashion DON'T?

There are lots of fashion DO's and DONT's even when you are pregnant that you might want to consider around this time. Perhaps you are not a celeb, but we bet you have lots of events to attend to, beginning with Thanksgiving. Here at MM, we think it is a DO to get dressed up for occasions like Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, we are biased since we sell fabulous dresses (if we do say so ourselves) but we encourage you to dress for special occasions when they present themselves. We have noticed that a lot of pregnant ladies don't dress up for occasions or events because they are afraid they will not be comfortable, or they like having the excuse not to. We get it, but isn't it sometimes fun to have something to get dressed for? Being pregnant, you are most likely saying no, but once you find that perfect outfit (other than your sweats), you might find that you feel more confident. Maybe being confident when pregnant isn't about baring your belly, but maybe it is more about covering yourself in clothes that make you feel good about yourself. Therefore, this Thanksgiving, we invite you to be a fashion DO and get dressed in something that makes you feel comfy (you will be eating a lot) while looking fabulous. In the market for some affordable and comfortable looks? Check out our capsule collection at and for some looks that will have people ooh-ing and ahh-ing over your style. Want to incorporate our styles with some pieces you already have? Here are some tips for looking great for your Thanksgiving din din.

  • Go jersey! Not jersey shore...we mean fabric. Soft and comfortable, most jerseys have an innate stretch that will feel fantastic on your skin and will not bind to your body in an uncomfortable. Whether in the form of a dress or a top, we highly recommend this fabric!

  • It's a cinch! Grab a belt to separate the bust from the belly when putting together a flowy top or a top that does not show off your adorable figure. Trust us, the belt will show off your killer curves.

  • Accessorize! There is nothing worse than looking at your closet and finding NOTHING to wear. Shake up even your most dull drum outfit with a few fun accessories. We are loving chunky necklaces right now as well as sparkley bracelets. People will be staring at the jewels so they won't even notice the outfit!

  • Brighten up! Sure you might not being feeling bright on the inside but no one has to know that... In fact, studies have shown that when wearing bright colors people's moods can change for the positive. We are loving colors like fuschia and turquoise right now.

Two days until Turkey Day! Gobble gobble:)

The Moody Mamas

Monday, November 22, 2010

The View!!

Last Friday, MM was seen on The View, in a segment featuring designer Liz Lange's favorite maternity picks! Is this teal dress available on and one of your faves? Let us know for a chance to win the Moody Mamas Holiday Giveaway! In case you missed us, you can check us out here:

Happy Monday!

Food shopping anyone? Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving this year or going to a friend or relative to celebrate the holiday, Thanksgiving is a holiday that can be delicious and very stressful (for the cooks especially!). With the increase in hormones, you might find yourself a bit wistful as the day approaches. Perhaps it is because you are anticipating the endless cooking or having to deal with the aunt you cannot stand, relax because there are certain steps you can take to prevent yourself from going batty:

1) Get enough sleep and try to nap! This one is obvious but not that easy to get...fortunately, this year you have an excuse to put your heels up and take a breather. You will emerged refreshed and ready for round 4 of stuffing.

2)Pre-set boundaries- Are you imagining Aunt Sally rubbing your belly while your mother-in-law pushes her baby name ideas on you this Thanksgiving? Enter the holiday with certain polite quips so that you will not erupt when someone pushes your buttons. For example, "Thanks Susan for such wonderful name ideas but we are thinking of keeping our name a surprse" or "Hey Aunt Sally, my stomach's feeling a little gurgly today". Keep the eye rolls and the silent screams for your "alone time".

3) Count to ten- if that doesn't work, keep counting- We get it-family members can be annoying, burning your turkey can be smelly and frustrating, but when things go wrong try closing your eyes, taking in a deep breath and counting to ten. Thanksgiving is about "giving thanks" so try to think about all of the things you are thankful for rather than the things/people you could do without. Other options, "go to your happy place" , think of a song that you love, or stuff your mouth with's better than saying something you will regret later! Talking with food in your mouth? That is a no-no...

Special shout out: Thanks Bon Bon Rose Girls for sending over so many of your wonderful followers! Last week we announced our MM holiday giveaway. All you have to do is check out our items on and our capsule collection on : and tell us which 3 items are your favorite for a chance to win a MM item! Lastly, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday on the horizon, we would also like to offer you a 30% off discount code (30%MMPR) towards our website. This code expires on December 31st so your readers can enjoy holiday discounts all month long!
Have a wonderful day!!
The Moody Mamas

Friday, November 19, 2010

Access Hollywood Live

3...2...1. Action! The day has finally come! We are on Access Hollywood Live today on NBC! If you are on EST check us out at 11am this morning! If you live on other time zones check out your local listings for the air time. Yay!

In celebration of this exciting day, we are launching our "Holiday Giveaway". Beginning today through December 17, we will be offering you the chance to win a gorgeous item from our new collection! Ranging between $29.99-$39.99, this collection has dresses and tops galore! We are so excited with this new collection because it is so comfortable and affordable yet it looks expensive and feels super comfy. In order to win this giveaway, all you have to do is click here: and tell us which two items are your favorites on our blog! Feel free to register daily up until December 17. Who knows, your favorites might change. How easy is that?

Tis the season to start shopping ! Being preggers, you might not feel up to dealing with all of the long lines and hard -to-find parking spots at the mall, so we want to offer you a wonderful shopping experience in the comforts of your own home! Next Friday, November 26, we are offering you an amazing 35% discount code for Black Friday (code: 35%MMPR). This discount code will be good to use towards ANY items on our site. Sweet!!

Well, in a just a few minutes we will be showcasing our Moody Mamas and Moody Mamas capsule collection for so stop reading this blog and get in front of your tv. Have a fantastic weekend:)


The Moody Mamas

Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Day More!

Hooray! We're getting a little giddy over here. As we mentioned yesterday, Moody Mamas is going to be appearing on Access Hollywood Live tomorrow morning on NBC! On tomorrow's show, we will be showcasing our ever fabulous collection as well as a few holiday looks- just in time for all of those holiday parties! Get those DVR's ready! Access Hollywood Live is generally on in the 11am time slot but check with your local listings to be sure.

Have you heard? Pink, is pregnant as is reality star and fashion diva, Rachel Zoe. Congrats to these fantastically talented ladies! Pink has mentioned that she thinks she is having a girl, which is so fitting due to her name. Rachel Zoe has yet to predict her baby's gender but we secretly hope it is a girl so that Suri Cruise can have a fashion rival!

Speaking of the baby's gender, the sex can often be figured out at 18-20 weeks, however that hasn't stopped curious expectant moms from trying to find out sooner. Of course having an ultrasound is the most accurate way to predict the baby's sex but there are lots of other fun gender prediction methods you can use if you are too excited to wait. Results are not guarenteed nor are these methods reliable but whether it is an old wives tale, superstition or myth - here are some fun ways to "predict" the sex of your baby:

High Or Low

The way the mother carries her baby bump can "forecast" the baby's sex: if she is carrying low, then she's having a boy. If she carries high, then she can expect a girl. If she carries in front then it's a boy. If she carries wide in the middle then it's a girl. Up, down, to the left, to the right..kinda sounds like "the hokey pokey" more than a gender prediction to us!

Constant Craving

If the expectant mother is craving spicy or salty foods,then she can expect a boy. If she craves sweeter foods, then she's having a girl. to further this folklore, it is believed that if a mother denies her food cravings during pregnancy, then her baby will be born with a birth mark shaped like the food he/she was denied. So ladies take advantage of your privilege to eat whatever you want or you'll soon be saying, "Oh honey, look at our baby's adorable ice cream cone shaped birth mark!"...on second thought, depending on the shape, you can think of it as a cool "tatoo".

Sew Exact!

For this one, you will need a needle and thread- but dont' worry, no ouchies! Take the needle and thread it with a string or strand of hair. Then dangle it over the expectant mother's belly while she's lying down or over her wrist. If the needle swings in a circle then she is having a girl. It it moves back and forth then she's having a boy. You can also use a wedding ring for this baby prediction method. For those of you who saw the movie Inception, you might want to try
to use a spinnning top- no wait, that will only tell you if you are in a dream.

Happy Thursday! Remember, tomorrow is a big day for everyone! TV show, giveaways, and weekend, oh my!!


The Moody Mamas

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Congrats to Jen Schefft Waterman!

One of our favorite reality celebs and wearer of Moody Mamas clothing, Jen Schefft Waterman, gave birth over the weekend to a beautiful baby girl named Mae!! We are so ectstatic for her and wish her and her family tons of happiness and sleep!

In other news, we are very excited because in 2 short days, we are going to be featured on Access Hollywood Live! In case you folks have not seen this great show yet, it is a morning version of Access Hollywood on NBC. Generally it is on at 11am, but check with your local station to see if the time varies. Anyway, we are THRILLED to appear on this show!!

Speaking of the show, we are going to be featuring some of the hottest looks for the holidays and what you should be on the lookout for when trying to replicate celebrity style. In case you are planning a trip to the mall this evening, check out the following trends and tell us some of your favorite ways that you have incorporated them into your fall wardrobe:

1. Jewel tones

2. Metallics

3. Stripes

4. Sequins

5. Animal Print

6. Lace

7. Velvet

8. Classics (ie. black, red)

9. Winter florals

10. Faux fur

Lastly, on Friday, we will be unveiling our next Moody Mamas extra credit giveaway so get ready!! Have a great day:)

The Moody Mamas

Friday, November 12, 2010

Yay! It's the weekend!

Happy days are here again! It's that fun time of the year when stores and restaurants are starting to get festive! Christmas trees and menorahs start making an appearance and yummy holiday flavors like gingerbread and eggnog are finally back on the menu. Best of all, it's the weekend and we hope that you have some fabulous plans in store!

Lots of towns and cities have great events that celebrate the start of the holiday season, so be on the lookout. Also, check out event sites to get in on this weekends best bets. We like the following below.

Lastly, we want to congratulate Ashley Reyonolds for winning our Moody Mamas Extra Credit Giveaway!! Thank you to everyone who has participated in the extra credit event and be on the lookout next week, when we launch a new giveaway in honor our new collection. Check it out!!! Have a great weekend:)


The Moody Mamas

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Think Happy Thoughts!

As we mentioned yesterday, a lot of women struggle with their body image when they are pregnant. Additionally, due to an increase in hormones, many women feel surges of emotion and tackle depression pre and post partum. Since we know this time in your life can be tough, we want to make you happy. Though we know it is not simple, we are firm believers that postive thinking can make the day brighter and remove some of those Eeyore type clouds that can get in the way! Here are some lovely quotes about becoming a mom to get you pumped about this time in your life:

"Life is a flame that is always burning itself out, but it catches fire again every time a child is born. "
George Bernard Shaw

"A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years and in your heart til the day you die. "
Mary Mason

"There is only one pretty child in the world and everymother has it. "
Chinese Proverb

"To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and undoubtedly inhabited. "
Anne Buchanan & Debra Klingsporn

"Before you were conceived I wanted you. Before you were born I loved you. Before you were here an hour I would die for you. This is the miracle of Mother's Love. "

Maureen Hawkins

"A mother's joy begins when new life is stirring inside... when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone. "
Author Unknown

"Feeling fat lasts nine months but the joy of becoming a mom lasts forever. "
Nikki Dalton
Have a wonderful and blessed day!
The Moody Mamas

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Your Epidermis is Showing!

While we do not all look like Miranda Kerr, pregnant or not, some of us choose to get nude pictures taken when we are pregnant because we have newfound sense of sex appeal. To those of you who feel like this, we applaud you! We agree that women look gorgeous when they are expecting however, more often than not, women feel a little self concious about their bodies when they are pregnant.
Because of the Hollywood influence, a lot of women feel the need to remain slim when pregnant and find it difficult to maintain a "healthy" perspective of pregnancy. Given that Hollywood idealizes maternity weight gain in such an unnatural manner, we understand why this poses a challange.
In the old days, women were encouraged to gorge and were expected to gain a ton of weight when pregnant;they were even allowed to keep the weight on post partum. However, nowadays there is an unspoken pressure for women to be thin while pregnant and to lose the weight fast post partum. This shift in perception is both unnatural and unhealthy.

Being health concious and feeling pressure to stay slim while pregnant are two very different things. In fact studies show that as many as 1 in 20 moms to be suffer from eating disorders. This number is alarmingly high given that the risks and consequences effect both the mom and the baby.

Being pregnant means having to come terms with baby weight gain and a new silhouette and this can be difficult to bare. Of course, we were are not all supermodels or celebrities to begin with, but seeing sleek bumps such as Miranda's, can result in feeling pressure to look a certain way. While Ms. Kerr was most likely born with this type of figure (and might have had some airbrushing), we want to remind everyone that we are all born with our own special bodies and our bodies acclimate to change in a variety of ways. While we all want to look great and feel great when pregnant, the need to feed your body and soul is imperative at this time. Therefore, if you or someone you know is feeling body concious at this time, we encourage you to get support.

We think that it is fantastic to feel confident in your skin when pregant and if you are feeling sexy and want to have a nude photo taken to commemorate this time, that is fantastic! However, we think that it is equally important to recognize that not all women feel overly confident with their new bodies. We know it is not easy, but we want to help you alleviate the negatives of this change and start thinking about some positives. To help you , here just a few of the positive perks that pregnancy brings:

  • Gorgeous Hair- as hormones kick in, they will actually nourish your hair and make it silky and fabulous!
  • Glowing Skin- no, it's not a old wives tale-the increase in blood flow actually gives your complexion a rosy glow
  • Fabulous Cleavage- you've got boobs that most women dream of! Pregnancy can increase your breast size by one or two cup sizes- the more cleavage, the merrier!
  • Longer Nails- if you are used to acrylics, you will particularly enjoy this perk because pregnancy causes fingernails to grow faster than normal!
  • Sexy Curves- the bump brings a new silhouette to the body and this makes a lot of men gaga...

Be strong. Stay confident and remember you are beautiful.

Have a wonderful day~


The Moody Mamas

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Einstein?

Your baby might not be able to decipher what type of music he/she likes to listen to when in the womb, but did you know that sometime during the seventh month of your pregnancy, your baby will be able to receive stimulus from the outside world? Yep, that means that your baby will be able to rock and sway to the beat if you play music for him/her.

According to Thomas Verny, MD, the author of The Secret Life of the Unborn Child (Dell, 1994) , "Musicologists seem to agree that rhythms, similar to the mother's heartbeat, have the most calming effect" on babies in utero. Interesting, huh? Therefore, lullabies or classics can be great if your baby needs to be soothed and seems agitated (or if you want to take a nap!).

Don't go too crazy selecting a variety of different languages when it comes to the music selection-your baby will not come out speaking fluent spanish, french or german. "There are no studies on the effects of stimulation before birth on intelligence, creativity, or later development," says Janet DiPietro, a developmental pyschologist at John Hopkins University. So go ahead and enjoy and use this stimulant as a way to connect and calm your baby when in utero, but don't look for the effects to last post-partum. Here is a list of some soothing artists to check out, for your baby's listening pleasure:

1. Coldplay

2. Mozart, Tchaikovsky

3. Renee Fleming

4. Jack Johnson

5.Jill Scott

6. Stevie Wonder

7. Enya

8. Ray LaMontagne

9. Ben Harper

10. Bob Marley

Have a relaxing Tuesday!


The Moody Mamas

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Monday!

Anyone else feeling refreshed from that extra hour of zzz's? Love "falling back"!!'s almost turkey time, and while we generally giveyou tips on what to wear, we want to bring you tips on what NOT to wear as well.

Sure, earrings like the ones above scream "turkey day"but , they're not exactly chic...neither is the vest featured to the right. We understand that wearing clothes like these might be considered a "tradition", however, we are begging you to stop the tradition now and look for other ways to dress in a "festive" but fashionable manner.

Here are some do's for getting "thanksgiving ready":

1. Look for a dress or comfy pants so that you can eat all the yummy foods you want without worry about bursting through buttons or zippers

2. Express your love for turkey day by wearing autumnal colors like brown, orange, and green.

3. Dress up the table with all things turkey and use all of the ideas that you were planning on using for yourself, to make the table look cheerful a la Martha Stewart.

4. Replace the need to wear turkey earrings and accessories with a classy and elegant theme, such as "What would Audrey Hepburn or Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis wear to Thanksgiving dinner" if you are thinking of going vintage or "What would SJP or Michelle Obama wear" if you are thinking modern day glam...

5. Forget what we say and do whatever makes you happy- this is a special day- so if you don't want to be fashionable and just want to keep with your tradition, all the power to you! Just think about what we are saying when Christmas rolls around...yes, we are talking to you people who own and wear sweaters like this:

If you are looking for a special outfit however, and do want to look
fashion forward, check out our collections at and You will be sure to look fabulous without spending a ton!

Also ladies who have been so awesome and have been participating in our "extra credit giveaway"- the giveaway is wrapping up at the end of the week so keep sending us pics of your babies, let us know know who sent you, and tell us why you deserve to win a fabulous Moody Mamas piece! Have a great week!!

The Moody Mamas

Friday, November 5, 2010


Happy Friday! It's the weekend finally and it's supposed to be a beautiful weekend in many parts of the country. Though you might not be feeling particularly energetic- ie. no need to start the holiday shopping yet- you might want to take advantage of the beauty that is fall.

1) Find an apple orchard to go apple picking- you can make this as energetic or as lazy of activity as you want. To make it less intense of a workout, look for apples at the front of the orchard, or if you are feeling really lethargic just head to your local grocery store and "apple pick" there! Once done, you should turn your hard work into something delish- make caramel apples or apple pie. Yum Yum!

2) Go to a local fall market- if you're feeling hungry and you're looking for yummy treats head to a local market and find the freshest food from the fall's harvest. A lot of times outdoor markets will have lots of other things besides food such as organic soaps or gorgeous flowers, so you can be sure you'll find some bounty!

3) Take in a football game- Though we are not particularly "sporty" at MM, we can understand why attending a sports game can be fun. Bundle up, pack some cider, and make your husband fall in love with you all over again by suggesting this activity. You'd be surprised if you are not a big sports fan because live sports are waaaaay more exciting than watching them home on t.v. Who knows, you might even enjoy yourself!

4) Go sale-ing- Yes, we mean the sport of shopping at a discount, not sailing. At this time of year you can take advantage of sales everywhere and not just on summer clothing. Everyone is getting ready for their holiday stock and need to move their products and that means savings for you!

5) Cozy up on the couch- the great thing about the weather turning cold is that you don't have to feel bad about staying in and relaxing. Get some popcorn or your favorite snack and catch up on the DVR you have saved on the tv. Don't feel guilty about this day of rest-you deserve it!
Have a fabulous weekend!!

The Moody Mamas

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Your epidermis is showing!

Fall is in full swing and lots of ladies are starting to have parched skin. The air is dry and cool which makes facial and lip chapping all the more inevitable. What to do? Have a DIY spa day! You don't need to spend tons of money to get back that glow. Here are some of our favorite ways to quench your the thirst of your epidermis:

1) Don't over wash or exfoliate. We know it seems like the right thing to do when your skin is flakey but excessive washing will only cause your skin to become even drier. Instead every few days try using a gentle exfoliant like St. Ives gentle peach scrub and slowing rubbing it into the skin in a circular motion. Do not rub your skin to dry, instead, pat your skin leaving the skin a little damp.

2) Moisturize: this seems like an obvious one, but many of us use the same moisturizer all year. However, when it starts to get colder, you should really amp it up. Look for a richer, creamier version of the brand you like to use. An old standby, but a pricey one is La Mer. If you live in a cold climate, La Mer will help you through the months. The great thing about this product is that a little bit goes a long way and will last you all year.Also, make sure to moisturize in the morning and the evening.

3) Put a mask on! Nowadays there are millions of great facial masks however, they all have different uses. In fact, some masks are intended to dry out your skin to prevent you from getting zits. However, when your skin is dry it actually makes your skin more prone to acne. Therefore, be sure to look out for moisturizing masks. We love organic masks from Alba and Bliss's Oxygen Mask.

4) Don't forget your hair! Your hair can become brittle and dry in the cold- so give it a little more love. Here's a great mask that you can make at home and do once a week to ensure shine and body:
You will need: 1 egg yolk, 2 ampoules castor oil, 1 tbsp. vitamin A (you can get these ingredients at natural food stores). Mix all the three ingredients well and apply generously to the entire hair. Let it sit on for approximately 2 hours (great to do on a sunday when watching tv) and shampoo your hair with a mild product.

Voila! Soft hair!
Have a great day!
The Moody Mamas

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Look For Less

Celeb Looks...

Our Looks!

Get the Look For Less!!

Because we all wish we could look like celebs, but do not have the expense accounts to do so, Moody Mamas is here to the rescue.

In addition to our affordable collections available at and, you can now find our super budget friendly collection at!

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Have a great "hump" day...we mean mid-week, get your minds out of the gutter:)


The Moody Mamas

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Accupuncture, meditation, zzzzz's

Did you have trouble getting pregnant? It is very common for women to have problems conceiving. Whether it is sticking to a schedule, meditating, or changing up your diet -do you credit any homeopathic remedies to helping you get that positive sign?

According to reports, Celine Dion believes the accupuncture helped her get pregnant with not one but two babies and recommended that Mariah Carey try it in order to get pregnant. Seems like Celine might be on to something!

Once pregnant, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the sake of you and the baby. Here are some of our favorite maternity health tips to help you feel great:

1. Take pre-natal vitamins- folic acid is key while your pregnant and your pre-natal vite's will help you get the amount you need

2.If you are a smoker, quit! - this tip goes without saying, but smoking is hazardous to both the baby and your lugs, so now is the perfect time to get rid of this bad habit!

3. Eat "for two" but no need to gorge- the pregnant body does not need as many excess calories as we tend to think- on average, pregnant women only need to consume 300 additional calories a day to ensure healthy baby development.

4. Get physical- light exercise such as yoga, low impact aerobics or pilates are great ways to boost your energy level and help your muscles prepare for delivery.

5. Sleep- better catch up on your sleep now because in a few months from now, you will be wishing you did. Also, you are probably feeling a little more tired than usual so your body will thank you for the extra z's.

Happy Tuesday!


The Moody Mamas

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy November!

It's already November! Wow- is this year going fast or what? Since this is the month of Thanksgiving, it is a good time to start thinking about all the things you are grateful for. Many of you are pregnant and expecting a new person to enter your life- we think that is a great reason to be thankful!
On that sweet note, we are happy to announce the birth of Lunaa Marie Vargas, and welcome her to the Moody Mamas family. Lunaa was born on October 25 and is the beautiful, healthy, baby girl of our fabulous team member, Ashley. Congrats Ashley, she is gorgeous!!

Although you might be "Halloweened-out", we bet you have fantastic pictures from this weekend's festivities and we would loooove for you to share them with us! As many of you know, we are doing an "extra credit" giveaway on our site and encourage you all to participate. You can participate by either sending in pictures of yourself/baby/pet or by letting us know which blog referred you to our site for a chance to win a adorable item from the Moody Mamas collection. How easy is that?

Shout out to Moody Mamas blog readerAshley Reynolds who sent us an adorable picture of her baby dressed up for Halloween! You are on your way to getting an A plus and you are in the running to win the give-away. The rest of the "class", we mean readers, need to step it up!! Have a happy Monday:)

The Moody Mamas