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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Your epidermis is showing!

Fall is in full swing and lots of ladies are starting to have parched skin. The air is dry and cool which makes facial and lip chapping all the more inevitable. What to do? Have a DIY spa day! You don't need to spend tons of money to get back that glow. Here are some of our favorite ways to quench your the thirst of your epidermis:

1) Don't over wash or exfoliate. We know it seems like the right thing to do when your skin is flakey but excessive washing will only cause your skin to become even drier. Instead every few days try using a gentle exfoliant like St. Ives gentle peach scrub and slowing rubbing it into the skin in a circular motion. Do not rub your skin to dry, instead, pat your skin leaving the skin a little damp.

2) Moisturize: this seems like an obvious one, but many of us use the same moisturizer all year. However, when it starts to get colder, you should really amp it up. Look for a richer, creamier version of the brand you like to use. An old standby, but a pricey one is La Mer. If you live in a cold climate, La Mer will help you through the months. The great thing about this product is that a little bit goes a long way and will last you all year.Also, make sure to moisturize in the morning and the evening.

3) Put a mask on! Nowadays there are millions of great facial masks however, they all have different uses. In fact, some masks are intended to dry out your skin to prevent you from getting zits. However, when your skin is dry it actually makes your skin more prone to acne. Therefore, be sure to look out for moisturizing masks. We love organic masks from Alba and Bliss's Oxygen Mask.

4) Don't forget your hair! Your hair can become brittle and dry in the cold- so give it a little more love. Here's a great mask that you can make at home and do once a week to ensure shine and body:
You will need: 1 egg yolk, 2 ampoules castor oil, 1 tbsp. vitamin A (you can get these ingredients at natural food stores). Mix all the three ingredients well and apply generously to the entire hair. Let it sit on for approximately 2 hours (great to do on a sunday when watching tv) and shampoo your hair with a mild product.

Voila! Soft hair!
Have a great day!
The Moody Mamas


  1. Thanks for the great tips. I'm definitely moisturizing every day and it's not enough!

    I'm hopping over from Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports

  2. Thanks so much for the hair mask tip in the winter my hair is just like hay and so dry and brittle i am definitely going to try this thank you :)

    I'm hopping over from Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports