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Friday, April 29, 2011


Happy Royal Friday! Hopefully everyone is up and moving by now after the long night/early morning of Royal Wedding coverage! Or maybe some of you have yet to sit down and watch the recorded special. Either way the event of century is just about winding down in England. Now the question is… what’s next for the royal duo? Children of their own? Princess Diana and Prince Charles only waited a short year before young William was born in 1982. Can we expect the same from Kate and William? Will there be yet another heir to the throne by 2013? We guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

In the mean time why not treat your newborn like the little prince or princess they are to you! Picking out ideas for the baby’s nursery can be difficult. But with a simple theme and creativity you can make your child feel like royalty in your own home. For your little princess, pink is the obvious choice, opting for purple is also a great way to mix up the traditional color theme for girls. But, be sure to pick softer color palates to give the room that calming feel. Adding a lace drapery around or above the crib can also add that special princess feel to the room. For the new little man in your life you can also give him a room fit for a prince without all the pink and frills attached with a girl’s room. Choose a subtle soft blue theme to carry on throughout the nursery. Remember crowns aren’t just for princesses, princes have them too! So incorporating this design along with large castles is a great way to add that royal touch to your newborn prince’s palace!

If you really want to get fancy, get the towels, cloths and baby bath robe embroidered with your newborn prince or princess’s initials! There are endless ways to make any nursery fit for royalty, make your little one feel special and have fun with the nursery and be as creative as you would like!

Have a fabulous weekend!


The Moody Mamas

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Make Your Royal Viewing Party Exquisite!

So it’s down to the wire with less than 24 hours till the Royal Wedding begins and you have finally come to realize you won’t be receiving an invitation to the Royal Wedding or Brunch. So why not have your own royal feast in the comfort of your own home before baby arrives? (At least it’s a good excuse to tackle some of those pregnancy cravings you’ve been having lately!)

We’ve put together a tasty menu of English treats to serve for a fabulous breakfast while relaxing at home. Whether you’re staying up late to watch the wedding live, or if you’re like some of us who are putting our TiVo’s to good use to watch it after the sun has actually risen!

*Scones- an English favorite we all love even in America. Have fun with the flavors and try some such as, blueberry lemon cream or orange!

*Vanilla Bean Strawberry Marmalade- if you are going to have a more classic scone you’ll certainly need the English touch of flavorful marmalade to add some extra flavor to this royal treat.

*Glazed Canadian Bacon- savory glazed bacon to get a little protein into your early morning meal!

*Bubble and Squeak- this dish is typically made from the previous evening’s leftovers but typically includes potatoes, meats, and veggies and is named after the noises it makes while combined together on the skillet.

*Coconut Macaroons- this chewy English treat is just as sweet as the princess to be herself!

*Full English Breakfast- if you are really craving a traditional full English style breakfast start your first course with orange juice, following up with a second course of cereals, and fresh fruits. Then comes the main event of the breakfast, bacon and eggs. These items are typically accompanied by sausages, grilled tomato, and mushrooms. The final course consists of toast or scones and fresh marmalade.

Finally, any English breakfast wouldn’t be complete without a cup or two of traditional tea. Which is a perfect replacement for those of you expecting mom’s watching your coffee consumption during your pregnancy! Whether you are going all out with a royal extravaganza with friends or cuddling up on the couch with your significant other these English specialties are sure to please you and baby too!


The Moody Mamas

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wear it Wednesday!

With all the excitement surrounding the Royal Wedding, we have to say that we can't wait to see what Kate Middleton's princess style will look like. If she is anything like Princess Diana was, she will be sure to set trends for years to come and will have quite the royal wardrobe. However, so far, Kate has not been too adventurous with her style. She is gorgeous, has beautiful hair but she has steered away from wearing overly trendy clothing and has not taken any "fashion risks". Currently, Kate prefers body conscious, sophisticated and polished looks but who know what "copy cat" looks she will initiate once she embraces her new title and role.

Fortunately, for those who are looking to emulate Kate's style, there are lots of looks that work quite well on the expectant figure. Here are some of our styles for pregnant women that will help you capture the essence of looking like Kate:

* A pretty printed dress: Check ours out at available for $10!

* A gorgeous brightly colored dress like the one seen above. Pregnant women should embrace bright hues when they are pregnant.

* A pretty LBD. Every girl has got to have one of these in
the closet, whether you are princess or a pregnant princess:)

* A statement piece. Whether it is a whimsical hat or a big ole necklace, we love accessorizing our outfits with fun, bold pieces.

Have a wonderful day!

The Moody Mamas

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tips Tuesday!

Approaching D-Day? Most people know that moms need to pack a "delivery bag" in preparation for the hospital stay but often times the dad's packing list goes forgotten. The dad is often part of the action and needs to be prepared if he is going to be present for D-Day. What's an expectant father to do to help make the day go as smoothly as possible? Here are some tips to get the big guy ready:

*Call the hospital in advance and plot out the shortest route from your home (make sure your hubby has tried this route before because most likely he will be the driver)

*Check the hospital hours for visiting, the cafeteria schedule (not delicious, but he will be hungry), parking availability and other services available for the family.

*Make sure he packs his basic toiletries such as deodorant, toothbrush/paste, shampoo etc. There will be facilities for him to use to stay fresh.

*Have him bring his comfy clothes and pjs because most likely he will be sleeping over

*Snacks galore

* If you are preparing for a c-section, you might have to stay in the hospital for a few days so make sure your hubby packs enough clothing for the duration of the stay or worse comes to worse, he can always run home...

* Camera, video camera or whatever else you want to make sure you capture the moment

* Music for the labor and something to play it on

*Books, puzzles, newspapers, books to keep you occupied...

Hope these tips are helpful! Have a wonderful day:)

The Moody Mamas

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Monday!

We hope that everyone had a lovely weekend! Is anyone else as excited as we are about the upcoming nuptials of Prince William & Kate Middleton? Though we wish that they were getting married at a reasonable U.S. hour, if you are expecting or have a newborn, you might be up anyway! We love any reason to celebrate anything, so of course we want to celebrate the wedding with a viewing party. The viewing party can be held early in the a.m. when the marriage is actually occurring or you can dvr the festivities and have the party in the evening. Invite some of your favorite gal pals or if you already have some kiddies share this special occasion with them. Every girl dreams of becoming a princess and isn't this a wonderful way of showing your children that dreams can come true? We think so! Here are some of our favorite ideas for celebrating Will & Kate's special day:

* Send a "royal evite" to your friends instead of a regular email or phone call. There are lots of free evites floating all over the internet, so you won't have to pay a dime to class it up!

* If you are having a morning viewing party, make it a British tea party! Serve crumpets (or english muffins), scones, mini sandwiches, coffee, and of course tea to delight your guests with traditional food fare.

*If you are throwing an evening viewing party, bring out sparkling cider for you (champagne for your guests if you would like), take out your best plates and serve a royal dinner. Think foods like cornish hens or steak and potato gratin if you want to make it fancy or "fish and chips" if you want to serve something authentically British.

*Decorate your table -scape with flowers and jewels and play classical wedding music in the background as guests arrive.

*Record a few "William & Kate" specials to show before the royal wedding if you are having an evening party or post wedding if you are having an early morning shin-dig so your guests can learn more about the royal couple.

* Consider comfortable attire like pjs if you are having a morning party but ask guests to bring their finest jewelry to you can still feel "royal" as you watch. If you are having an evening party, ask your guests to dress in their most fabulous dress and jewels. Going over the top is part of the fun!

*Show "princess" movie themed movies to show post-wedding. If you have children in attendance show classic Disney movies. If you are having an adults only party consider showing "British themed" movies instead of Princess movies like "James Bond" if you have men in attendance or "Bridget Jones" if you want to continue the girly fun!

Have any ideas that you would like to share with us? Let us know!! We love hearing from you.

Enjoy your day!
The Moody Mamas

Friday, April 22, 2011


Dressing for occasions can be a challenge when you are pregnant. First of all, you might not even feel up to dressing in anything other than sweats. Additionally, the idea of having to put on some fancy gear might be sending you into hives. We totally get it! However, we promise you there are ways to still look cute and be comfortable. With the Easter holiday this upcoming weekend and the start of the wedding season, it would be wise to find a few great dresses so you can dress appropriately and still feel cozy. Why dresses? Because like a nightgown, when a dress is made from the right material and has a good fit, a dress can feel like those pj’s you have been roaming around in lately.

Things to consider when picking a dress:

*Look for a great cut. If you are in the market for a dress but you are at the beginning of your pregnancy, get a size that leaves you with a little bit of room for growth. Also something to consider...length. Generally speaking, as your belly grows, the front of your hem will start to lift. If the dress is already a bit short and you want to wear it throughout your pregnancy, consider a longer length

*Scope out a dress that separates the boobs from the belly so that it is obvious that you are pregnant and not expecting a food baby.

  • Feel the fabrics. Some women suffer from skin sensitivity when they are pregnant, others are just more comfortable in softer fabrics. One of our favorite fabrics is jersey knit because it often makes the cut of the clothing flattering and feels great on your skin.

*Try something new. One of the biggest complaints we get regarding dresses is that they can’t wear the styles they are accustomed to wearing due to being self conscious. If you have always worn strapless dresses but feel embarrassed about your ample bosom, look for a new style that is perhaps not as low cut. If you are self conscious about your arms look for a great cap sleeve that shows just enough arm but still gives you some coverage.

Getting accustomed to your new body can take some time so give yourself permission to feel a little frustrated at first. Fortunately, unlike the old days of the muu-muu’s there are great maternity fashion brands like ours to rescue you from looking frumpy:)

Have a happy Easter and Passover!!


The Moody Mamas

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Just when you think you have thought of everything necessary for preparing for baby, think again. If you have an "pet baby" ie a dog or a cat, you might want to think of how to prepare your pet for a newborn. Like you human kiddos, your fido or feline child can suffer from separation anxiety and jealousy when it comes to your attention being diverted. So, how can you get your pet ready for your new arrival?

*Consider obedience training. If someone else in your family has a little one, introduce your pet to the baby so that it gets used to a small fry. Try to get your pet used to interactions with children that he/she might not be accustomed to such as a light tugging on the tail.

*Introduce your pet to the nursery and all the smells in it. Allowing your pet to smell the blankie and putting your scent on certain objects before the baby comes will help your pet associate the baby with your smell.

*Teach your dog the difference between his/her toys and the baby's toys.

*Practice commands such as "leave it" and "no jump" so that your pet does not get into the area of the baby when you are not inviting him/her.

*Have someone else change the litterbox if you have a cat. Pregnant women should never change a litterbox. Taxoplasmosis is a common infection that can spread from mother to fetus and is transmitted through a cat's fecal matter if the cat is infected with this parasite. To prevent this from occuring, do not feed your cat raw or uncooked meat.

*Play the sound of a baby tape or walk your dog with the stroller as practice so it gets used the sound and change in advance.

*Make sure to give both of your "babies" attention so that your pet does not suffer too much. He/she was your baby first so help him/her adjust to the new environment and the newborn.

Have a great day!

The Moody Mamas

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wear it Wednesday!

Feeling a little less than sexy as the months go on? It is totally normal to not feel like yourself and to want to crawl into bed and not come out until the baby comes. That plan, as awesome as it sounds is not realistic. So, how can you face each new day positively? You can try a saying mantras, meditate and do whatever you can to remind yourself that there is light at the end of the tunnel; or you can start making yourself feel better from the outside in. Sometimes dressing better and taking care of your appearance even when you are feeling down can actually make you gain confidence. Here are some of our favorite easy pick-me-ups:

*Wear a bright, vibrant color.

*Get those eyebrows waxed or tweeze them...a few unsightly hairs along the lip line? Take care of those as well.

* Get a blow-out. When your mane looks good, it's hard to not a have a pep in your step.

* Buy a new outfit. Sometimes we start feeling down on ourselves because we don't feel good in our clothing. If you have been frumping it up and wearing your hubby's shirts with your jeans unbuttoned, we are talking to you! You do not need to splurge on a whole new wardrobe, but you do need a few basic essentials- a good dress, a good pair of pants, a few shirts.

* Give yourself a manicure and clip those toes! Hygiene should not be forgotten about just because your have a belly. If you cannot reach those toes, ask for assistance from a loved one or a professional.

*Make a pledge to only wear sweats twice a week. We get it, they are comfy, but try to opt for clothing that shows off your new curves. Pregnancy comes with some sexy new features, ahem, d├ęcolletage...Strut your stuff!

*Take care of your skin. Some women encounter acne problems when they are pregnant due to the increase in hormones. Zits are the worst! Combat those acne issues with a good over-the-counter pimple cream with benzoyl peroxide or sulfur dioxide. Also, make sure you are using a good cleanser and taking off your make-up at night or your could be further clogging those pores!

Go get your groove on and have a fabulous day!

The Moody Mamas

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tips Tuesday!

With Mother's Day drawing close or perhaps your due date coming up even closer, it might be time to think of what you want your first gift as a mom to be? Feel embarrassed to ask for one or feel like the bundle of joy will be enough? Sure, we agree. However, a little "push" gift is a wonderful way of having your loved one thank you for all your hard work. Generally speaking, "push gifts" are thoughtful, special gifts that might not be what you necessarily, need but more of what you have been wanting. Traditionally, a lot of moms like to receive jewelry or sentimental gifts as their "push gifts". However, there are some fun, unconventional ideas out there that are wonderful too.Not sure, what to ask for? Here are some of our favorite gifts out there for new moms:

* An adorable necklace keepsake with the date of your baby, your baby's initials or the name (see above). These necklaces do not have to be pricey but could become one of your favorite items.

*A gift certificate to a local hotel and babysitter planned scheduled for a few months from the due date to mark as your first date post-baby. This is a great way to ensure that you will be able to bring back the spark in a few months time (as well as some much needed R &R).

* A jewelry item with the birthstone of your baby- we love stackables so that you can continue to add as you grow your family.

* A gift certificate to your favorite boutique for some post baby duds (finally!!)

* A spa day! A good facial, pedicure, blow out or massage???Now who doesn't need that?!

*Coupons for feedings (ahem, night shift) and babysitting so you can have a night out with the girls.

Have a wonderful day!!

The Moody Mamas

Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Monday!

Your belly might be growing which you might think is suggestive enough but if you have other another child or children in tow, you might have a lot of questions to answer about pregnancy. Very young children will most likely not be able to comprehend the fact that you have "a baby in your belly" and might not even realize that your belly is growing. However, if your kids are older or inquisitive, it could be in your best interest to include them and prepare them for life with a newborn.

Making your pregnancy a "family journey" can be fun for children because though it poses a challenge, it gives your child time to accept that a new person will be joining the family. There is no "best time" to tell your child that you are expecting but consider your child's maturity level and try to do things that will make this an easier lifestyle transition for your child. We are not doctors, nor do we have PHD's in child psychology, but here are some our favorite tips that people have shared with us:

* Allow your child to be hands on. Usually by the fifth or sixth month, your baby will start to move. Giving your child the opportunity to rest his/her hands on your belly and feel the baby kick or move can be quite exhilarating for children. This is also a fun way for your older child to connect with the baby and make sense of what is happening.

* If you have older children, it might be best to share the news earlier in your pregnancy because the child might be confused if they find out the day of delivery. If you have a toddler, once your belly grows and is very pronounced, talk about the new baby with your child and get them excited by allowing him/her stroke your belly, sing to the baby or feel the baby kick.

* Go through baby pictures of your child with your child and show him/her what he/she was like at infancy.

*Visit friends that have infants so that your child can get acquainted with what a baby looks/sounds/feels like.

* Allow your child to be part of the naming process if he/she is old enough to contribute.

*Buy them from shirts, like "I am a big sister/brother" to help them realize that they are going to be an important part of the baby's life.

*Read books about becoming a big brother/big sister with your child (age appropriate choices are best).

* Enjoy one-on-one time with your older child and help your child develop positive coping skills and a positive attitude in regard to the new arrival.

*Encourage your child to share his/her feelings about becoming an older sibling so that the child can express his/herself and not be as inclined to act out once the baby arrives.

Have a great tips that you would like to share? Give'em to us:) We are sure that everybody could benefit!!

Enjoy your day:)

The Moody Mamas

Friday, April 15, 2011


Happy Friday!! Looking for some fun day night ideas to enjoy with your loved one? Bar hopping and clubbing are probably not on your agenda, but here are some of our favorite ways for couples to connect on the weekend: * Catch up on your favorite tv shows that you DVR'd and haven't had time to watch yet. Order in pizza then snuggle on the couch while enjoying some well deserved R &R. *It's spring!! If your state is enjoying good weather, take advantage. Share in an outdoor activity like a walk through a local park or pack a picnic lunch. * Get out to the movies and splurge on your favorite restaurant for a night on the town! *Check out your local and city events for great museum exhibits or other interestingvenues you might not have thought about. * Go on a "bakery crawl". No pub crawling for you missy, but how about a delicious bakery crawl where you head to 3-4 bakeries and try their best offerings. Yum, yum! Have some fun ideas that you would like to share with us? Let us know! Date night should always be about changing up the routine and engaging in fun activities with your partner. Enjoy the weekend:) xoxo, The Moody Mamas

Thursday, April 14, 2011

TGI( almost) Friday!!

Happy Thursday (a.k.a Friday's ugly step sister)! Do you think of yourself as being a hip mom? Well, nurseries have come a long way since the days when you painted the room in standard pink or blue. Modern nursery designs accommodate modest to grand budgets and can be as simple or dramatic as you would like. Here are some of the hottest trends in nursery design:

*Baby Chic. Want your baby to enjoy the finer things in life from the moment he/she is born? Think chandeliers, luxurious chaises, cribs and dainty wall decor. Colors are neutral and the over-all feel is more "hotel" less nursery.

* Retro. Longing for those days when you were a baby? Flashback! The 70's are in for clothing as well as for nursery decor. Colors like bright blue and orange as well as retro prints and sofas are being incorporated into the nursery. This is a nice option if you are limited in house space because the room will not scream "nursery".

* Earth Mama meets organic baby. Eco-friendly everything is in... If you are environmentally conscious and want your baby to have organic products you are in luck. Nowadays, there are plenty of eco-friendly options available from mattresses to sheets, toys and cribs. Going green no longer means stark choices.

*Spa day everyday. Thinking about those long, hard months that you will have to be up all night with the baby? Both you and the baby might enjoy a more neutral color palette and serene nursery setting. A soothing environment might make both you and your baby more inclined to relax.Hey, you never know...

* Nursery rhyme themed. Loved the Cat and the Hat, or Alice in Wonderland? Create a "happy" place for your baby that is based around your favorite childhood book. Incorporate wall art and some accessories to demonstrate your theme.

Do you miss the rocking chair and basic nursery concept? Do you have any fun ideas for nurseries that you would like to share? Let us know!!

Have a wonderful day:)
The Moody Mamas

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wear it Wednesday!

By now, if you have been reading our blog, you will have acquired some knowledge on how to wear some of spring hottest tips. However, executing them can still be challenging. For example, while you might have been eyeing our new collection, you might not have purchased anything yet because you are not sure that you will know how to wear them. Fortunately, for you, we have styled some of our hottest looks so that you can easily apply our strategies if perchance you decide to make a purchase on our items or ones that looks similar:

Stripes! We have been chatting about this trend for months now and it is finally time to wear them! This adorable striped dress is available at for $39.99. We love it pair up with some fun gold accessories and a cute nude sandal. Want to wear it to work? Throw on a cardigan. Easy as pie!

Love the striped trend but don't want to wear it in clothes form? Try a striped pair of shoes. Aren't these little striped espadrilles from H&M adorbs! When getting dressed, remember that people do pay attention to those twinkle toes, so surprise them by wearing something fun on your feet!

There is nothing sexier than an LBD. We have got a great one available on for $39.99...Perfect to wear to a function or pair it up with a little cardigan for work and some great flats. Voila, you will be looking sharp in no time. Looking for some flair? We love this adorable rose barrette from J.Crew. In general, J.Crew has some awesome accessories and usually puts a lot of items on sale so if you are looking to spend less ask a salesperson when a sale is coming up. Other great places to get accessories on the cheap? Forever 21 and H&M. Both stores have great selections and moderate to low prices.

Remember to check out our new spring collection and look for our hot sale items on as well!!

Have a fashionable day:)

The Moody Mamas

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tips Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday! Thinking about your baby shower registry and not about asking for a baby sling? Baby slings are a wonderful way to carry your baby around while still being able to have your hands free. Babies tend to love baby slings because they feel close to mommy, but you might have some fears with this using this type of carrier because there are often recalls. Additionally, you might have that giant fear of what if the carrier is not tight enough and drops my baby?!?! Fortunately, when used properly, carrying a baby in a soft carrier can be safer than carrying a baby in your arms however,good safety practices are key. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you are planning on trying the baby sling method:

* Use the T.I.C.K.S. Rule.
In view at all times
Close enough to kiss
Keep chin off the chest
Supported back

To elaborate: When using slings and carriers, you want to make sure that the baby is close as close as possible in a manner in which is comfortable for both you and the baby. You should always be able to see your baby's face, so the fabric of the carrier should not close around them. You should be within a close enough proximity to be able to bend down and kiss your baby's forehead. Make sure that the baby has enough room to breathe and that there is always room between your baby's chin and that it is not curled to its chest. Lastly, make sure that the baby is supported in the back and that your baby is not slumping because it can inhibit your baby's breathing.

* Never use a baby carrier when riding in a car because it does not offer the same protection that car seats provide.

* Keep in mind your baby's weight and age when choosing an appropriate carrier.

*Never run, jog, or do any other activity that is similar to bouncing or shaking when wearing a baby carrier because the motion can be harmful to the baby's neck, spine and/or brain.

*Practice using the carrier with a doll first to make sure that you are comfortable and ready to try the carrier with the baby.

* Ask your loved one or a friend to "spot" you until you are very confident using the carrier.

* Avoid cooking when wearing a sling because it subjects your child to a risk of being burnt. In that same vein, be aware of what is within reach for your baby to cling to.

Though it might seem like there is a ton of things to consider when using a baby sling or soft carrier, many moms swear by them. What are your thoughts?? Let us know!!

Have a great day:)
The Moody Mamas