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Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Monday!

Your belly might be growing which you might think is suggestive enough but if you have other another child or children in tow, you might have a lot of questions to answer about pregnancy. Very young children will most likely not be able to comprehend the fact that you have "a baby in your belly" and might not even realize that your belly is growing. However, if your kids are older or inquisitive, it could be in your best interest to include them and prepare them for life with a newborn.

Making your pregnancy a "family journey" can be fun for children because though it poses a challenge, it gives your child time to accept that a new person will be joining the family. There is no "best time" to tell your child that you are expecting but consider your child's maturity level and try to do things that will make this an easier lifestyle transition for your child. We are not doctors, nor do we have PHD's in child psychology, but here are some our favorite tips that people have shared with us:

* Allow your child to be hands on. Usually by the fifth or sixth month, your baby will start to move. Giving your child the opportunity to rest his/her hands on your belly and feel the baby kick or move can be quite exhilarating for children. This is also a fun way for your older child to connect with the baby and make sense of what is happening.

* If you have older children, it might be best to share the news earlier in your pregnancy because the child might be confused if they find out the day of delivery. If you have a toddler, once your belly grows and is very pronounced, talk about the new baby with your child and get them excited by allowing him/her stroke your belly, sing to the baby or feel the baby kick.

* Go through baby pictures of your child with your child and show him/her what he/she was like at infancy.

*Visit friends that have infants so that your child can get acquainted with what a baby looks/sounds/feels like.

* Allow your child to be part of the naming process if he/she is old enough to contribute.

*Buy them from shirts, like "I am a big sister/brother" to help them realize that they are going to be an important part of the baby's life.

*Read books about becoming a big brother/big sister with your child (age appropriate choices are best).

* Enjoy one-on-one time with your older child and help your child develop positive coping skills and a positive attitude in regard to the new arrival.

*Encourage your child to share his/her feelings about becoming an older sibling so that the child can express his/herself and not be as inclined to act out once the baby arrives.

Have a great tips that you would like to share? Give'em to us:) We are sure that everybody could benefit!!

Enjoy your day:)

The Moody Mamas

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