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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wear it Wednesday!

Feeling a little less than sexy as the months go on? It is totally normal to not feel like yourself and to want to crawl into bed and not come out until the baby comes. That plan, as awesome as it sounds is not realistic. So, how can you face each new day positively? You can try a saying mantras, meditate and do whatever you can to remind yourself that there is light at the end of the tunnel; or you can start making yourself feel better from the outside in. Sometimes dressing better and taking care of your appearance even when you are feeling down can actually make you gain confidence. Here are some of our favorite easy pick-me-ups:

*Wear a bright, vibrant color.

*Get those eyebrows waxed or tweeze them...a few unsightly hairs along the lip line? Take care of those as well.

* Get a blow-out. When your mane looks good, it's hard to not a have a pep in your step.

* Buy a new outfit. Sometimes we start feeling down on ourselves because we don't feel good in our clothing. If you have been frumping it up and wearing your hubby's shirts with your jeans unbuttoned, we are talking to you! You do not need to splurge on a whole new wardrobe, but you do need a few basic essentials- a good dress, a good pair of pants, a few shirts.

* Give yourself a manicure and clip those toes! Hygiene should not be forgotten about just because your have a belly. If you cannot reach those toes, ask for assistance from a loved one or a professional.

*Make a pledge to only wear sweats twice a week. We get it, they are comfy, but try to opt for clothing that shows off your new curves. Pregnancy comes with some sexy new features, ahem, d├ęcolletage...Strut your stuff!

*Take care of your skin. Some women encounter acne problems when they are pregnant due to the increase in hormones. Zits are the worst! Combat those acne issues with a good over-the-counter pimple cream with benzoyl peroxide or sulfur dioxide. Also, make sure you are using a good cleanser and taking off your make-up at night or your could be further clogging those pores!

Go get your groove on and have a fabulous day!

The Moody Mamas

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