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Friday, April 29, 2011


Happy Royal Friday! Hopefully everyone is up and moving by now after the long night/early morning of Royal Wedding coverage! Or maybe some of you have yet to sit down and watch the recorded special. Either way the event of century is just about winding down in England. Now the question is… what’s next for the royal duo? Children of their own? Princess Diana and Prince Charles only waited a short year before young William was born in 1982. Can we expect the same from Kate and William? Will there be yet another heir to the throne by 2013? We guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

In the mean time why not treat your newborn like the little prince or princess they are to you! Picking out ideas for the baby’s nursery can be difficult. But with a simple theme and creativity you can make your child feel like royalty in your own home. For your little princess, pink is the obvious choice, opting for purple is also a great way to mix up the traditional color theme for girls. But, be sure to pick softer color palates to give the room that calming feel. Adding a lace drapery around or above the crib can also add that special princess feel to the room. For the new little man in your life you can also give him a room fit for a prince without all the pink and frills attached with a girl’s room. Choose a subtle soft blue theme to carry on throughout the nursery. Remember crowns aren’t just for princesses, princes have them too! So incorporating this design along with large castles is a great way to add that royal touch to your newborn prince’s palace!

If you really want to get fancy, get the towels, cloths and baby bath robe embroidered with your newborn prince or princess’s initials! There are endless ways to make any nursery fit for royalty, make your little one feel special and have fun with the nursery and be as creative as you would like!

Have a fabulous weekend!


The Moody Mamas

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