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Friday, April 22, 2011


Dressing for occasions can be a challenge when you are pregnant. First of all, you might not even feel up to dressing in anything other than sweats. Additionally, the idea of having to put on some fancy gear might be sending you into hives. We totally get it! However, we promise you there are ways to still look cute and be comfortable. With the Easter holiday this upcoming weekend and the start of the wedding season, it would be wise to find a few great dresses so you can dress appropriately and still feel cozy. Why dresses? Because like a nightgown, when a dress is made from the right material and has a good fit, a dress can feel like those pj’s you have been roaming around in lately.

Things to consider when picking a dress:

*Look for a great cut. If you are in the market for a dress but you are at the beginning of your pregnancy, get a size that leaves you with a little bit of room for growth. Also something to consider...length. Generally speaking, as your belly grows, the front of your hem will start to lift. If the dress is already a bit short and you want to wear it throughout your pregnancy, consider a longer length

*Scope out a dress that separates the boobs from the belly so that it is obvious that you are pregnant and not expecting a food baby.

  • Feel the fabrics. Some women suffer from skin sensitivity when they are pregnant, others are just more comfortable in softer fabrics. One of our favorite fabrics is jersey knit because it often makes the cut of the clothing flattering and feels great on your skin.

*Try something new. One of the biggest complaints we get regarding dresses is that they can’t wear the styles they are accustomed to wearing due to being self conscious. If you have always worn strapless dresses but feel embarrassed about your ample bosom, look for a new style that is perhaps not as low cut. If you are self conscious about your arms look for a great cap sleeve that shows just enough arm but still gives you some coverage.

Getting accustomed to your new body can take some time so give yourself permission to feel a little frustrated at first. Fortunately, unlike the old days of the muu-muu’s there are great maternity fashion brands like ours to rescue you from looking frumpy:)

Have a happy Easter and Passover!!


The Moody Mamas

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