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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wear it Wednesday!

By now, if you have been reading our blog, you will have acquired some knowledge on how to wear some of spring hottest tips. However, executing them can still be challenging. For example, while you might have been eyeing our new collection, you might not have purchased anything yet because you are not sure that you will know how to wear them. Fortunately, for you, we have styled some of our hottest looks so that you can easily apply our strategies if perchance you decide to make a purchase on our items or ones that looks similar:

Stripes! We have been chatting about this trend for months now and it is finally time to wear them! This adorable striped dress is available at for $39.99. We love it pair up with some fun gold accessories and a cute nude sandal. Want to wear it to work? Throw on a cardigan. Easy as pie!

Love the striped trend but don't want to wear it in clothes form? Try a striped pair of shoes. Aren't these little striped espadrilles from H&M adorbs! When getting dressed, remember that people do pay attention to those twinkle toes, so surprise them by wearing something fun on your feet!

There is nothing sexier than an LBD. We have got a great one available on for $39.99...Perfect to wear to a function or pair it up with a little cardigan for work and some great flats. Voila, you will be looking sharp in no time. Looking for some flair? We love this adorable rose barrette from J.Crew. In general, J.Crew has some awesome accessories and usually puts a lot of items on sale so if you are looking to spend less ask a salesperson when a sale is coming up. Other great places to get accessories on the cheap? Forever 21 and H&M. Both stores have great selections and moderate to low prices.

Remember to check out our new spring collection and look for our hot sale items on as well!!

Have a fashionable day:)

The Moody Mamas

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