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Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Monday!

We hope that everyone had a lovely weekend! Is anyone else as excited as we are about the upcoming nuptials of Prince William & Kate Middleton? Though we wish that they were getting married at a reasonable U.S. hour, if you are expecting or have a newborn, you might be up anyway! We love any reason to celebrate anything, so of course we want to celebrate the wedding with a viewing party. The viewing party can be held early in the a.m. when the marriage is actually occurring or you can dvr the festivities and have the party in the evening. Invite some of your favorite gal pals or if you already have some kiddies share this special occasion with them. Every girl dreams of becoming a princess and isn't this a wonderful way of showing your children that dreams can come true? We think so! Here are some of our favorite ideas for celebrating Will & Kate's special day:

* Send a "royal evite" to your friends instead of a regular email or phone call. There are lots of free evites floating all over the internet, so you won't have to pay a dime to class it up!

* If you are having a morning viewing party, make it a British tea party! Serve crumpets (or english muffins), scones, mini sandwiches, coffee, and of course tea to delight your guests with traditional food fare.

*If you are throwing an evening viewing party, bring out sparkling cider for you (champagne for your guests if you would like), take out your best plates and serve a royal dinner. Think foods like cornish hens or steak and potato gratin if you want to make it fancy or "fish and chips" if you want to serve something authentically British.

*Decorate your table -scape with flowers and jewels and play classical wedding music in the background as guests arrive.

*Record a few "William & Kate" specials to show before the royal wedding if you are having an evening party or post wedding if you are having an early morning shin-dig so your guests can learn more about the royal couple.

* Consider comfortable attire like pjs if you are having a morning party but ask guests to bring their finest jewelry to you can still feel "royal" as you watch. If you are having an evening party, ask your guests to dress in their most fabulous dress and jewels. Going over the top is part of the fun!

*Show "princess" movie themed movies to show post-wedding. If you have children in attendance show classic Disney movies. If you are having an adults only party consider showing "British themed" movies instead of Princess movies like "James Bond" if you have men in attendance or "Bridget Jones" if you want to continue the girly fun!

Have any ideas that you would like to share with us? Let us know!! We love hearing from you.

Enjoy your day!
The Moody Mamas

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