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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Just when you think you have thought of everything necessary for preparing for baby, think again. If you have an "pet baby" ie a dog or a cat, you might want to think of how to prepare your pet for a newborn. Like you human kiddos, your fido or feline child can suffer from separation anxiety and jealousy when it comes to your attention being diverted. So, how can you get your pet ready for your new arrival?

*Consider obedience training. If someone else in your family has a little one, introduce your pet to the baby so that it gets used to a small fry. Try to get your pet used to interactions with children that he/she might not be accustomed to such as a light tugging on the tail.

*Introduce your pet to the nursery and all the smells in it. Allowing your pet to smell the blankie and putting your scent on certain objects before the baby comes will help your pet associate the baby with your smell.

*Teach your dog the difference between his/her toys and the baby's toys.

*Practice commands such as "leave it" and "no jump" so that your pet does not get into the area of the baby when you are not inviting him/her.

*Have someone else change the litterbox if you have a cat. Pregnant women should never change a litterbox. Taxoplasmosis is a common infection that can spread from mother to fetus and is transmitted through a cat's fecal matter if the cat is infected with this parasite. To prevent this from occuring, do not feed your cat raw or uncooked meat.

*Play the sound of a baby tape or walk your dog with the stroller as practice so it gets used the sound and change in advance.

*Make sure to give both of your "babies" attention so that your pet does not suffer too much. He/she was your baby first so help him/her adjust to the new environment and the newborn.

Have a great day!

The Moody Mamas

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