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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Make Your Royal Viewing Party Exquisite!

So it’s down to the wire with less than 24 hours till the Royal Wedding begins and you have finally come to realize you won’t be receiving an invitation to the Royal Wedding or Brunch. So why not have your own royal feast in the comfort of your own home before baby arrives? (At least it’s a good excuse to tackle some of those pregnancy cravings you’ve been having lately!)

We’ve put together a tasty menu of English treats to serve for a fabulous breakfast while relaxing at home. Whether you’re staying up late to watch the wedding live, or if you’re like some of us who are putting our TiVo’s to good use to watch it after the sun has actually risen!

*Scones- an English favorite we all love even in America. Have fun with the flavors and try some such as, blueberry lemon cream or orange!

*Vanilla Bean Strawberry Marmalade- if you are going to have a more classic scone you’ll certainly need the English touch of flavorful marmalade to add some extra flavor to this royal treat.

*Glazed Canadian Bacon- savory glazed bacon to get a little protein into your early morning meal!

*Bubble and Squeak- this dish is typically made from the previous evening’s leftovers but typically includes potatoes, meats, and veggies and is named after the noises it makes while combined together on the skillet.

*Coconut Macaroons- this chewy English treat is just as sweet as the princess to be herself!

*Full English Breakfast- if you are really craving a traditional full English style breakfast start your first course with orange juice, following up with a second course of cereals, and fresh fruits. Then comes the main event of the breakfast, bacon and eggs. These items are typically accompanied by sausages, grilled tomato, and mushrooms. The final course consists of toast or scones and fresh marmalade.

Finally, any English breakfast wouldn’t be complete without a cup or two of traditional tea. Which is a perfect replacement for those of you expecting mom’s watching your coffee consumption during your pregnancy! Whether you are going all out with a royal extravaganza with friends or cuddling up on the couch with your significant other these English specialties are sure to please you and baby too!


The Moody Mamas

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