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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tips Tuesday!

With Mother's Day drawing close or perhaps your due date coming up even closer, it might be time to think of what you want your first gift as a mom to be? Feel embarrassed to ask for one or feel like the bundle of joy will be enough? Sure, we agree. However, a little "push" gift is a wonderful way of having your loved one thank you for all your hard work. Generally speaking, "push gifts" are thoughtful, special gifts that might not be what you necessarily, need but more of what you have been wanting. Traditionally, a lot of moms like to receive jewelry or sentimental gifts as their "push gifts". However, there are some fun, unconventional ideas out there that are wonderful too.Not sure, what to ask for? Here are some of our favorite gifts out there for new moms:

* An adorable necklace keepsake with the date of your baby, your baby's initials or the name (see above). These necklaces do not have to be pricey but could become one of your favorite items.

*A gift certificate to a local hotel and babysitter planned scheduled for a few months from the due date to mark as your first date post-baby. This is a great way to ensure that you will be able to bring back the spark in a few months time (as well as some much needed R &R).

* A jewelry item with the birthstone of your baby- we love stackables so that you can continue to add as you grow your family.

* A gift certificate to your favorite boutique for some post baby duds (finally!!)

* A spa day! A good facial, pedicure, blow out or massage???Now who doesn't need that?!

*Coupons for feedings (ahem, night shift) and babysitting so you can have a night out with the girls.

Have a wonderful day!!

The Moody Mamas

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