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Thursday, April 7, 2011

TGI( almost) Friday!!

April showers bring...well, showers that is. Since summer is the most popular time to have a baby, the spring is probably the most popular time to throw a baby shower. While some baby showers are fun, most of them are saccharine occasions where you play cheesy games and get yet another onesie for your soon to be born. Receiving gifts are great, but your baby will most likely fit into their earlier stage onesies for a short time. So, what is the best way to either register or request gifts that you will actually use for a decent amount of time (and make the most of the fact that you have to smile while you play "smell the diaper")? Here are some of our favorite and most practical items to consider when registering for a baby shower:

* Bouncy seat... A sure fire way to get your little one to giggle and keep he/she occupied ( and you free for a few minutes). Look for one that has straps to ensure safety.

*Baby monitor. If you are a first time parent, you will most like appreciate the ability to feel comfortable why you are not literally next to your baby. Some models include sensors and video ability so you could hear and see the baby at a range of 600 feet or more.

* Baby Carrier. A great way to bond with your child and keep your arms free, a baby carrier allows the baby to feel close to you while you run errands in a pouch that is similar to a mama Kangaroo:)

*Activity gym or some other contraption that suspends toys and dangles within the baby's grasp. The best kinds are portable and lightweight so you can travel and have a built-in activity for the baby.

* Register your friends for a dinner sign-up. Nix the gift and ask for edible gifts such as dinner or lunch. When you are up until 5 in the morning and surviving on 2 hours of sleep, you will be thankful when a friend or a family member shows up with something yummy to eat.

* Register your responsible family or friends for a babysitting night. Of course your "voucher" will not be used until you feel comfortable with the idea of leaving the baby, but eventually a little alone time will do you good. Having your family member or friend babysit might ease the transition a little more than having a stranger babysit for the first "date" night.

Have a great day!!
The Moody Mamas

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