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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy almost Thanksgiving!

The time has come, the day is near, turkey time is almost here!! We bet that you are scrambling your way through crowded airports, swamped train stations and tons of traffic just to get to your next meal! It will be worth it in the end. Just remember the old adage, "patience is a virtue".

Friday is the official start to holiday shopping and we are so excited about all of the wonderful deals that are coming our way. We too have fantastic deals on going on in celebration of Black Friday and Cyber Monday so keep your eyes open and your computer near. Also, if you are looking for a freebie, be sure to check out and register for our Moody Mamas giveaway in honor of our fabulous and affordable capsule collection at All you have to do to enter is check out our Target collection and tell us which two pieces are your favorite via "commenting" on our blog and ta da, you are enrolled for a chance to win a great piece. It's as easy as that!

Since many of you will be traveling in the next few days here are some tips to help you have a more enjoyable travel experience:

1) Play music for yourself and the baby- your baby might get a little cranky from being in the car too long as well, so whether in utero or already born, play some good jams for you both to enjoy

2) Enjoy silly car games of yesteryear- remember those funny games like "try to find a license plate for every state" while you are on the road, or "count how many people are picking their noses while they drive"- you might feel like a kid again and it will make the time pass faster

3) Do a magazine exchange- ever been on a long plane ride, finish your magazine collection only to find out that you have 2 more hours left?!!! Don't panic, make a new friend (who has a similar stack of magazines)and ask if they want to switch. You might end up talking for the remainder of the trip or at the very least you will have something new to read!

4) Bring delicious snacks- sure the "big gorge" is tomorrow, but no need to put off the yummy snacking today. Having something tasty to look forward to always make the journey more enjoyable. If you are in the car and have the money to make some rest stops, check out some local restaurants or specialty chains along the way to spice up the trip- heading down south? Check out Cracker Barrel. Awesome biscuits and a really fun store.

5) Chat- how often are you in tight quarters with your family? Take the time to get into some good convos. Try to make them light and humorous. Yelling and screaming on the road is dangerous and not pleasant for anyone...

Congrats to Kelly Preston and John Travolta on their baby boy, Benjamin!! Safe travels everyone!!

The Moody Mamas

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