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Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Monday!

Food shopping anyone? Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving this year or going to a friend or relative to celebrate the holiday, Thanksgiving is a holiday that can be delicious and very stressful (for the cooks especially!). With the increase in hormones, you might find yourself a bit wistful as the day approaches. Perhaps it is because you are anticipating the endless cooking or having to deal with the aunt you cannot stand, relax because there are certain steps you can take to prevent yourself from going batty:

1) Get enough sleep and try to nap! This one is obvious but not that easy to get...fortunately, this year you have an excuse to put your heels up and take a breather. You will emerged refreshed and ready for round 4 of stuffing.

2)Pre-set boundaries- Are you imagining Aunt Sally rubbing your belly while your mother-in-law pushes her baby name ideas on you this Thanksgiving? Enter the holiday with certain polite quips so that you will not erupt when someone pushes your buttons. For example, "Thanks Susan for such wonderful name ideas but we are thinking of keeping our name a surprse" or "Hey Aunt Sally, my stomach's feeling a little gurgly today". Keep the eye rolls and the silent screams for your "alone time".

3) Count to ten- if that doesn't work, keep counting- We get it-family members can be annoying, burning your turkey can be smelly and frustrating, but when things go wrong try closing your eyes, taking in a deep breath and counting to ten. Thanksgiving is about "giving thanks" so try to think about all of the things you are thankful for rather than the things/people you could do without. Other options, "go to your happy place" , think of a song that you love, or stuff your mouth with's better than saying something you will regret later! Talking with food in your mouth? That is a no-no...

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Have a wonderful day!!
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  1. the dear bon bon rose girls sent another one your way (i.e. me) :-)