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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tips Tuesday!

Award shows, concerts, and parades are all things that celebs have to look forward to come this time of year. Generally, it does not stop for stars even when they are pregnant. Imagine feeling sluggish and hungry, then being told that you have to show off your newly pregnant belly to the general public? Well, if you are the singer, Pink, you might feel excited about it! Baring the belly is something a lot of celebs do when they are pregnant, Demi Moore started that trend and as we mentioned recently, Miranda Kerr was pictured recently posing nude as well. However, we ask you, do real folks like to bare their bellies in public when expecting? If so, is this a fashion DO or a fashion DON'T?

There are lots of fashion DO's and DONT's even when you are pregnant that you might want to consider around this time. Perhaps you are not a celeb, but we bet you have lots of events to attend to, beginning with Thanksgiving. Here at MM, we think it is a DO to get dressed up for occasions like Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, we are biased since we sell fabulous dresses (if we do say so ourselves) but we encourage you to dress for special occasions when they present themselves. We have noticed that a lot of pregnant ladies don't dress up for occasions or events because they are afraid they will not be comfortable, or they like having the excuse not to. We get it, but isn't it sometimes fun to have something to get dressed for? Being pregnant, you are most likely saying no, but once you find that perfect outfit (other than your sweats), you might find that you feel more confident. Maybe being confident when pregnant isn't about baring your belly, but maybe it is more about covering yourself in clothes that make you feel good about yourself. Therefore, this Thanksgiving, we invite you to be a fashion DO and get dressed in something that makes you feel comfy (you will be eating a lot) while looking fabulous. In the market for some affordable and comfortable looks? Check out our capsule collection at and for some looks that will have people ooh-ing and ahh-ing over your style. Want to incorporate our styles with some pieces you already have? Here are some tips for looking great for your Thanksgiving din din.

  • Go jersey! Not jersey shore...we mean fabric. Soft and comfortable, most jerseys have an innate stretch that will feel fantastic on your skin and will not bind to your body in an uncomfortable. Whether in the form of a dress or a top, we highly recommend this fabric!

  • It's a cinch! Grab a belt to separate the bust from the belly when putting together a flowy top or a top that does not show off your adorable figure. Trust us, the belt will show off your killer curves.

  • Accessorize! There is nothing worse than looking at your closet and finding NOTHING to wear. Shake up even your most dull drum outfit with a few fun accessories. We are loving chunky necklaces right now as well as sparkley bracelets. People will be staring at the jewels so they won't even notice the outfit!

  • Brighten up! Sure you might not being feeling bright on the inside but no one has to know that... In fact, studies have shown that when wearing bright colors people's moods can change for the positive. We are loving colors like fuschia and turquoise right now.

Two days until Turkey Day! Gobble gobble:)

The Moody Mamas

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