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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Beautiful Mamas Tuesday: Maternity Photography!

A quick check of Twitter, or Facebook, or mom blogs, or even just a survey of beautiful pregnant women we know has shown that maternity photography is a growing trend we can really get behind. Women around the country are having their portraits taken, baby bumps proudly showing, in order to document this unique and momentous time in their lives.

The people over at Parents Magazine interviewed Sarah Merians, a professional photographer who specializes in maternity photos. For those moms-to-be who are considering getting professional photos taken, or even those who might want to do their own photos at home, there are a few great tips:

-Don't wear anything with an elastic waistband to the shoot, so your belly will be mark-free.
-Get your hair and makeup done! You deserve to feel as glamorous as your photos will look.
-Soft lighting and black and white film can really help accentuate a pregnant woman's "glow."

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