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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Marooned on Maternity Leave Island? Here Are Some Reads!

We spend a lot of our time reading tweets from pregnant women--many of whom are on maternity leave, and many of whom are climbing the walls out of sheer boredom. There's only so much of The View you can take before you seriously lose it, right?

Think of this post as your maternity book club. When you hit the fifteenth hour of the Today show, we're going to go ahead and assume you'd rather have something fun to read. Thankfully, the ladies at Jezebel (a great site worth reading all the time) just posted a particularly awesome gallery of the twenty best celebrity bios.

These books are filled with enough lurid details and gossip to make them worth their while. (And we can personally vouch that Mommie Dearest is a page turner.) So, if you're looking for some rad reads while you're counting down your last trimester, we highly recommend anything from this post. We also do not recommend using wire hangers.

20 Celebrity Bios You Should Read from

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