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Monday, May 23, 2011

Start spreading the news...

Becoming pregnant is such a wonderful experience and while you might want everyone to know that you are expecting as soon as your test reads positive , when to make "pregnancy announcement" is a surprisingly hotly debated topic. There are advantages to telling people early in the game as well as waiting until things are more certain. No time is the "right" time, but here are a few things to consider about sharing the news that you are " plus one (or more)":

*Many women believe that waiting until the second trimester to share the news is a good idea because most miscarriages occur within the first 20 weeks of gestation but closer to the first 13 weeks to be exact. The chances of miscarrying for women in peak childbearing years (under the age of 35) are 10-25% while women who are between 35-45 have a 20-35% change of miscarrying.

*An advantage of sharing the news early is that you will get lots of support (emotionally and physically) early in the pregnancy regardless of the outcome.

* Becoming pregnant is a huge life change, so some people like to digest the experience first before letting everyone know.

*A disadvantage to telling only a few people is that good news travels fast and if a friend/family member finds out from a secondary source he/she might be offended. If this is the case, no need to feel bad. Sharing your news is your business and you should feel free to share it with whomever, you want whenever you want. Regardless, if you do not want to offend your friend, tell them that you wanted to make the announcement personal and you were waiting for the right time to tell them.

*An advantage to waiting until you make an announcement is that you could build up the excitement and you could have time prepare a family function or a creative way of sharing the news with family/friends.

Whether you share your news early or later in your pregnancy, remember that no matter what, it is exciting and up to YOU to make the decision. No time is the best time, it is a personal decision.

Have a wonderful Monday!

The Moody Mamas

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