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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Maternity Book Club: Belly Laughs!

Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy is not your mom's pregnancy book. Unless your mom was rad. (And you're five years old, but that's besides the point.) Anyway, if you're only going to read one book about being pregnant, we say pick the one with chapters like:

-Is That an Apple on Your Rectum, Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?(Hemorrhoids)
- (On-Line Baby Stores)
-Poopin' on the Table (The Dark Side of Delivery)
-What the Fu*k Are These? (Stretch Marks)

At least we've got the cure for the chapter entitled "Where in the Hell Can I Find a Muumuu? (Nothing to Wear)." Our line is still going strong at Target!

Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs at Amazon

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