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Monday, May 3, 2010

Pregnancy -- It Ain't Just For the Ladies...

"The male seahorse then fertilizes the eggs with his own sperm, thus initiating a three-week pregnancy that is marked by an inability to move around and search for food. After 3 days of labor, the male seahorse will give birth to 200 baby seahorses. "

If there are are any mamas-to-be out there mulling the inequities of male/female birth responsibilities, you may be heartened to know that in the animal kingdom, a handful of males do the baby-carrying. Nine months of pregnancy can seem like an eternity, but imagine three days of labor and 200 kids at the end of it!

Click on over to this awesome Mr. Wizard-style science post at WebEcoist to see some other male animals that carry their babies (including the Leafy Sea Dragon...possibly one of the coolest creaures on the planet).

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