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Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Monday!

Though we love our new moms, in honor of Father's Day, this week we are going to celebrate new dads. Fathers can be an integral part of the parenthood experience and can prepare for this role just like mothers. While some men are comfortable being very involved with the birthing process, other men have a difficult time preparing for their role as a new dad. If your man is planning on being involved in this journey, here are a few ways that he can start prepping for his new role:

*Attend childbirth classes. Sex-ed classes generally broach the subject of child birth, but usually do not go into detail. Encourage your partner to attend a class with you so that he can learn more about the "birds and the bees".

*Your hubby might be sympathizing with you by putting on "baby weight" but he might not have a clear understanding of what your body is actually going through. Invite your partner to accompany you on a doctor visit so that he can learn more about the changes that occur while your pregnant. Who knows, you might end up getting some extra massages...

*If your partner is going to present at the birth, create a birth plan together. Take a tour of the hospital with your husband or partner and create a map with the fastest route so that you could get to the hospital as soon as get those contractions.

* Have your partner create his own packing list for the hospital, equipped with a change of clothing and some snacks.

Have a wonderful day!
Moody Mamas

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