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Thursday, June 9, 2011

TGI( almost) Friday!!

Unfortunately, stress is a part of living life and pregnancy can trigger anxiety levels to be at an all time high. With so many questions about this new stage in life, it is only natural to have concerns and fears but chronic stress is a detriment to a having a healthy pregnancy. Therefore, creating techniques to help you manage stress and reduce anxiety in your home and work life is essential. How can you manage that worrywart inside you? Here are some of our favorite tips for zen-ing your life:

*Get enough sleep. Like little kiddies, we adults are susceptible to becoming cranky due to a lack of sleep. Cranky moods lead to stressful situations, so allow yourself and your growing baby to catch extra zzz's if possible and even nap times.

*Don't overdo it with the webmd or other pregnancy sources. Sure, it is good to have a prepare yourself for mommyhood but stressing about things that could potentially happen but 99% of the time will not, is more likely to trigger nerves unnecessarily. If you have questions concerning your baby's or your health, ask your health care professional (unless you are an MD in which case you can feel free to self-diagnose).

*Practice deep breathing or meditation. Zoning out for a few minutes whether in silence or with tunes in the background is a good way to calm yourself down if you're stressing. Things have a way of working out usually so allowing yourself to collect your thoughts and set a positive affirmation might help you decompress.

*Get some exercise. Yoga and walking are wonderful ways to increase your natural endorphins to make you a little happier.Exercise is also a great way to release nervous energy.

*If you are under an unusual amount of stress or feel like your anxiety is out of control consult with your healthcare provider because it might be wise to get professional help. Talking to someone about your fears or worries is a great way to protect yourself and your baby from risks associated with anxiety and depression.

Have a stress-free day!
The Moody Mamas

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