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Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Monday!

We hope that everyone had a fantastic weekend!! If you were snowed in like most of the Mid-West, we bet you watched tons of holiday movies and watched the gorgeous snow-fall from inside. Lucky you! All that relaxing and fun can make you feel especially sad when Monday comes around...Well,turn that frown upside down- as always, we have some happy news to share with you in case you are suffering from a case of the "Mondays".

Best wishes for a long life full of love and prosperity to newly weds Nicole Richie and Joel Madden. After being together for four years and raising two adorable children, the couple got married this past Saturday. Hooray!

It's a bird, it 's a plane, no it's Chris Rock! The comedian was within a few feet from a pregnant woman when her water broke at a Neiman Marcus in New Jersey this past weekend. Sure, going into labor is no laughing matter, but Chris Rock apparently brought comic relief to the situation and even made the lady laugh until the ambulance arrived. Who needs lamaze when you can have Chris Rock keep you calm? We guess laughter really is the best medicine after all!

Only a year ago, Michelle Duggar from the reality show, "19 Kids and counting" gave birth to micro-preemie, Josie. Born at just 25 weeks and weighing only 1 lb, 6oz, Josie suffered from devastating medical issues and was not anticipated to survive. However, despite her many early obstacles, the "miracle baby" is now a thriving one year old. Her survival and resilience is an inspiration and show us what a difference a year truly makes!

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Stay warm and have a fabulous Monday!
The Moody Mamas


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