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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wear it Wednesday!

The countdown to New Years Eve begins today and you best have an outfit ready!! What to wear as we enter into a new decade? Sure, there are the obvious choices, cute dress, sparkley accessories, a "New Years" tiara, but what can you wear to bring you prosperity in the new year? Here are some fun ways to dress to help you attract good luck:

* It is thought that wearing new clothes for New Years Eve or New Years Day will increase the likelihood that you will receive lots of new clothes in the new year...we like this one!

*Wear yellow or gold! These colors exude optimism and are said to bring financial prosperity so by wearing it you will be ensured good fortune in the new year

* Wear white! This color is said to bring peace in the new year

* Wear red! Red is associated with warmth and luck in love. If you choose to wear red undies, you will increase the chances of having some good "amor" in the new year.

* Wear green! Green is thought to be luckiest of colors in Ireland and signifies positive change, serenity, and wealth.

Do you have lucky color traditions? Share them with us!! Have a fantastic day!
The Moody Mamas

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