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Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Monday!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend! Last minute shopping and holiday parties might have made it difficult to relax so we hope that those of you who are preggers are taking a little quiet time today. As always, it's back to the work week so in attempt to make you feel jolly, we are here to banish your case of "the Mondays" with some happy news.

*Congrats to Moody Mamas fan and wife of Vince Vaughn, Kyla Vaughn, who gave birth to daughter Locklyn Kyla Vaughn this past Saturday!

* Here's a lovely story about the power of breast milk...A few years ago, actress Jenna Elfman was trying to breast feed her son, Story, but he wouldn't take to her milk. Regardless, Ms. Elfman continue to pump the milk and stored it in her freezer in case he finally changed his mind. Though her son never did end up using Jenna's breast milk, a family friend's sister was a drug addict and as a result had given birth to a drug addicted baby. When Jenna heard about her family friend's sad situation, she offered her supply of breast milk because the poor baby could not keep formula down. The second the baby started drinking the breast milk, he was able to digest and all of his medical issues started to disappate. The baby started going through withdrawal easier, was able to gain weight and is now a thriving three year old who was adopted by Jenna's friend. Yay for the power of breast milk and for a happy ending:)

*If you can't sleep because you are uncomfortably pregnant or if you are up at 2am due to a feeding-you're actually in luck! According to NASA, a very rare total lunar eclipse will occur in the early hours of December 21. The fun will begin at 1:33am EST when the moon will enter the Earth's inner shadow and depending on weather conditions, the moon will start to take on either a copper shade or a red brown shade (changes according to pollution in the atmosphere). After 2:41 am the moon will be fully eclipsed and will remain eclipsed until 3:53am. The moon will then begin to come out of the Earth’s shadow and will once again become fully visible 5:01 am EST. Hopefully you will not be up to watch the entire (you need your precious sleep), however, if you are up to catch a little of the action, enjoy!!

Have a great day!

The Moody Mamas

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  1. Hi there. Just wanted to give you some correct info. Jenna Elfman's son, Story, did take to her breast milk, it was just that she had to keep pumping because he would only drink from bottles. :)