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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baby Diva!

After months of speculation, Ms. Mariah has publicly announced her pregnancy! How exciting for her and her hubby, though we can't say that we are surprised- she had that glow, her belly was looking a little more rotund than normal, and her hubby kept making statements like, "when she wants everyone to know, she'll tell them"...a.k.a. "My wife is pregnant but I can't be the one to tell you".

Everyone loves a juicy secret, but why do we feel we deserve to have this knowledge? Isn't it Mariah's right to keep her pregnancy to herself for as long as she wants? We're not all celebrities but we're sure a few of you have dealt with this issue -to tell, or to keep mum.

Usually, people feel cautious about celebrating their pregnancy until the first three months have been completed. After that point, complications are less likely. However, some people choose to wait a little longer and in the case of Mariah, we think that is her prerogative.

Do you feel pressure to tell people the sex of your baby, or your baby's name? These are all private matters but for some reason, we feel obligated to share this information with everyone who asks. We say, like Mariah, don't share until you feel ready!!

The Moody Mamas


  1. With my son, I was super excited to tell anyone who asked what I was having, how far along I was etc. I think for me it was probably because I had lost 2 pregnancies prior to having my son, and I was just so darn happy to be pregnant that I wanted everyone to know!!!!

  2. EVERYONE wants to know what we are planning to name our baby, due January 6. We are expecting a boy and have chosen a name. But we aren't making it public because we don't want feedback about our choice.
    It is driving my mother nuts, but I know if we tell her, she'll be the first to tell us why it is a bad choice!