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Friday, October 8, 2010

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry??

Happy Friday!!!

After much debate, scientists are saying that a little booze when you're preggers is not so bad after all!

Obviously, you should still be cautious about not over-doing it, but studies are saying a little wine or bubbly- once or twice a week is A-Ok for baby.

Even more interesting, the study showed that children whose mothers drank a little something while preggers, actually had higher cognitive scores than those whose moms had abstained. So, if you are at a party and want to "fit in", feel free to sip and enjoy moderately.

Be careful not to drink too much because over-ingestion can lead to birth defects and other dangerous health issues, so be safe not sorry.

Another reason to not over do it? Falling like Ms. Mariah did at her recent concert in Singapore...Woops! Could have been the lethal combo of stilettos and champagne.

Not only do we have big news on the health side of pregnancy, but we also have big maternity fashion news!! Moody Mamas is set to release a capsule collection for a special discount retailer in the next coming weeks. This collection will range from $30-$49.99 and will be just as comfy and fabulous as our high end line. Look forward to twitter parties, giveaways and more in honor of this gorgeous and affordable collection!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

The Moody Mamas

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