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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh to be a kid again...

Recently, we were reading up on some of the hottest toys for kids and started feeling pangs of jealousy. Oh to be a kid again! There are so many things about being a kid that we took for granted and wish we could re-live ie. playtime and naptime. Imagine how much better your work day would be if it was broken up in a manner that was similar to pre-school: morning play, snack, nap time, lunch, afternoon play,nap time, snack, go home. Man, it is just sometimes depressing realizing that those days are gone. Well, I guess we have retirement to look forward to...
Childhood dreams of eating delicious and mal-nutricious foods such as ice cream sundaes and Cool Ranch Doritos made us start thinking how lucky you ladies are that you can indulge in (almost) whatever you like when you are pregnant! No cliche, it's true that certain senses are heightened when you are pregnant so certain types of foods seem to smell and taste better at this time. Honey dipped chocolate doughnuts, pizza topped with macaroni and cheese, these are things that your body may crave right now, and you have the "pregnancy right" to eat them without that "guilty" feeling you normally have as an adult.

We want to hear the good, the weird, and the outright disgusting, types of strange concoctions that you have been craving lately! Here are some of the most interesting food combos we have been seeing on the web. Beware: if you are feeling the least bit nauseous you might not want to read below:
*green banana with bacon and mayo sandwich
*raw spaghetti noodles soaked in pickle juice
*olives with jalapeno on caramel swirl ice cream
*peanut butter on top of a hamburger topped with slices of onion
*grapes combined with potato chips and cheetos on top of an ice cream sandwich

To share some of your favorite combos, or weird concoctions enter where it says "comments" below! The most "interesting" recipe will get a 25 % off discount card for As Rachael Ray says, "Yum-O!"

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