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Friday, October 15, 2010


It's the start to a beautiful fall weekend! We don't know about you but we think it is time to do the closet switchover...still too early for turtlenecks we think but we are really starting to see people enjoying the fall fashions.

Speaking of fall fashions, we met up with some very fashionable ladies an event held at the Peninsula Hotel yesterday. The event was in honor of a new pre-natal package they are debuting and it sounds amazing! Three massages, preggatinis, and other accoutrements created to serve as the perfect "push gift" for the mom-to-be! We're not currently preggers, but we'll take the package anyway! How does one properly thank someone for dealing with pregnancy and having your child? All that work does deserve a little more than a "thank you" and a kiss on the cheek! In England, it is commonplace for a woman to get gifted with a ring and in India, gold is often given, but what do we do in the US? Well, we don't have a traditional gift, so it is about time to clue in the men and ask for something special! Here are some of our favorite push gifts that we think you deserve if you are in the market...

-a special nightie to bring to the hospital that is great for nursing. We have a few great options in our collection at

- a special pendant in honor of your newborn

- a weekend get a away

- a baby nurse for a few nights a week- if you can afford this one, you can consider it a gift for the both of you!

-a massage like the one at the Peninsula

-a picture album with pictures of your newborn and some special moments of your life P.B. (pre-baby)

- special "coupons" for a night out with the girls, a massage or other nice things that you can bestow to your love one for free!
Enjoy the weekend!!
The Moody Mamas


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