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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Costume Time!

Halloween is coming this weekend and if you don't have a costume to wear, better look now! We know it can be tough trying to think of apropos outfits to wear when preggers so here are 5 cute Halloween ideas in case you are on the hunt:

1.That glow, those curves, you look like a goddess right now-so dress up like one! A grecian/roman goddess outfit is perfect for the mom-to-be who is feeling other-wordly!

2. Having some pre-natal mood swings and feeling a little wicked?We have the perfect costume for you. Being a witch will let you "be evil" and get away with it!

3. Looking to dress up but want to keep it simple?This idea is an easy one and can even be a DIY project! Dress as yourself- a "Mom-to-Be" but take it up a notch with a tiara and sash a la "Miss America". Still have that Bachelorette sash from your pre-marriage days? Turn it inside out, add some puffy glitter writing and voila costume and money saved!

4. Do you have a good sense of humor about your belly or are a big sports fan? Fortunately for you, you have a built in accessory this year. Use your belly to become a basketball, baseball or a soccer ball and then wear the appropriate sports outfit accordingly. This one is sure to win over the hubby!

5. A heavenly choice for the mom-to-be: an angel. Given that "carrying a gift from heaven", this one is particularly appropriate!

Are we missing some good ideas? Send them in to:

The Moody Mamas


  1. I learned of the giveaway at Bellyitch! hope this is an okay place to comment on that.
    I won't be dressing my belly up for hallowe'en this year but those are pretty cute costumes!

  2. What great ideas! I especially love the Spurs basketball belly! (I'm hopping over from Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports.)

  3. Cool.
    I'm hopping over from Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports