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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lacy and Racy!

And people say that "mommy" fashion is boring? Look at these fabulous ladies sporting the trendy "lace" look...while some are sporting it in a classy and demure way, others are wearing it in a less sophisticated manner. As we mentioned earlier, we are not too fond of the see through/lingerie look, but we do like it when done tastefully a la Alicia and Ali.

What do you think? Are you gals going to be sporting the lace trend this season?

This season, so many of the fall trends have the ability to misfire. For example, the long skirt. We find it difficult to wear to the long skirt without looking uber conservative, yet some people can do it and look amazing. Another one of these "difficult to wear" trends is the over-the-knee boot. Looove the over-the-knee boot! However, sometimes, it can look a little risque when worn during the day with a short skirt, or the wrong pants.

We would love to help you all flex your fashion muscles correctly! Let us know what current fashion style is a must but could be a bust if not executed correctly. We are here for you! Call us Brit! Happy TGI (almost) F!!!


The Moody Mamas

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