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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby it's cold outside!

First of all, there MUST be something in the water in Hollywood because there is a baby boom going on right now. We named a few celebs who recently announced their pregnancies at the start of the new year, but add to that Tia Mowry from "Sister, Sister" and Kate Hudson who expecting her second child. Wow! We will have a lot of ladies to dress and how shall we do it? Which trends have you been seeing and loving lately? Here are some of our favorite ways to look cute despite the fact that it is currently snowing in 49 states! Say what?

1. Dress in layers. Sure, you might need to wear a snow suit when you are outside but underneath you can still wear something stylish. Wearing several lightweight layers of clothing rather than one thick heavy layer is better for insulation purposes because the extra air will get trapped between the layers and will ultimately help you stay warmer.We like layering techniques such as wearing tights under leggings or wearing a drapey top underneath a warm sweater. That way, if you are freezing your patootie off you will stay warm, but if you find yourself heating up you can unravel.

2. Faux fur vests. You might be thinking, "wear a vest when pregnant"? Yesiree. However, you can enjoy them as long as you keep the vest longer, open and perhaps go up a size so you can feel more comfy. We like to wear this look with a long sleeve henley top, some leggings, and comfy boots- voila, you are a snow bunny!

3. Furry boots. We love Uggs just as much as the next person, but we also love the furry boots that we have been seeing like the fab furry boots by Tory Burch pictured at the top of the page. Don't worry, you can find lots of look a-likes at more affordable prices, if you are feeling thrifty. We love warm boots because not only do they look chic, but they keep your feet toasty.

4. Don a sweater dress. Date night and you really want to wear a dress? Go for a sweater dress. Cozy, comfy, and cute, we love sweater dresses because they are simple and chic. We love to pair sweater dresses with a chunky necklace for an evening out or with a vibrant scarf for a casual day look.

5.Sip a cup of hot cocoa and smile. Let's face it, dressing well in the winter is a challenge, but being happy and wearing a smile on your face will make you look effortlessly chic in an instant!

Have a wonderful Wednesday lovelies!

The Moody Mamas


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