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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! We hope that everyone enjoyed the holidays. It's a new year and a new decade- so, what does that mean for you? It's a new chapter of life! Whether you are currently expecting, just had a baby, or you're planning on having children in the future, one thing can be certain- having kids changes your life and plummets you into a whole new lifestyle. As wonderful as that sounds, many women can lose themselves in the process of having children, so we at Moody Mamas want to make sure you maintain this "New Year's Resolution": to remember to keep yourself a priority! Additionally, we have come up with a few additional resolutions in case your list is sparse:

* I will not wear "mom jeans". Ever see the Saturday Night Live skit called "Mom Jeans"? If so, you can understand why this made the cut this year. We get it, sometimes it is tough to keep up with the trends when you are busy at home with the kiddies. However, you can still look put together without being on the front lines of fashion. Some of our picks for a quick fix? Opt for a casual dress or a pair of leggings and a cute top. We have faith in you, but if you are reading this and tuning out, check out this clip- maybe it will provide you with much needed inspiration!

* I will find time to have a "date night" with my loved one at least once a month. Whether you watch t.v. together after you put the baby to sleep, or get a sitter and go out to the movies, try to find some time to connect with your partner. It is extremely common for people to put their love lives on the back burner when there is a new baby in the house but it is important to keep the love alive. Lack of funds, time, and energy are just some of the reasons why it is tough to maintain this particular resolution. However, finding balance in your life will make the family bond that much stronger and will remind you of what life was like pre-baby.

* I will be forgiving of myself if the baby weight doesn't come off as quickly as I expected. It took nine months to put on the weight, so why do we expect that it will come off in just a few weeks? Um, US Weekly for starters? Perhaps eating a pint of Ben & Jerry's for dessert each night post- baby is not the best way to lose the excess weight, but if you are eating healthy and getting in some exercise, you are off to a good start. Just remember that patience is a virtue and if you demonstrate persistence, the weight will come off. Eventually...

What are some of the resolutions you are making this year? As a company, we are striving to make 2011 our best year yet, so if you have any resolutions you can recommend to us, we will try to make them happen. We love feedback, so share!

Have a wonderful day!!
The Moody Mamas

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