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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Start Spreading the News...

Happy Tuesday! Since everyone in Hollywood seems to be bitten by the bug, we are wondering if any of you just got the news that you are pregnant. At first, many women like to keep this a secret from friends and family perhaps for supersitious reasons like Mariah Carey, but once you are ready to share, are you looking for fun, creative ways to do it? We asked some of our favorite moms how they made this announcement memorable and here are some of favorites:

* Wrap a picture frame (to later be used with an image of the newborn) with your due date

*If you have relatives that live far away, send them a package with baby booties, or baby clothes, then when they receive the gift, share the news!

*Already have children? Buy them an "I'm going to be a big brother/big sister shirt" to get them excited about their future sibling while still making them feel special.

* Rent baby-themed movies like "Knocked Up" or "9 months" for your date night- see if your loved one catches on, if not serve pickles and ice cream instead of popcorn...

* Give them a sweet suprise! Bring some tasty cupcakes into work and frost half of them pink and other half blue or make them for dessert at a family function

* Invite your friends and/or family for dinner, but instead of serving "adult food" serve "baby food" as an appetizer

* Haven't told your loved one yet? Save it for Valentine's Day- you can put the pregnancy test inside of a Valentine's Day card with a message saying "you'll soon have one more person to love"

*Make a scavenger hunt at home that starts at your wedding picture then goes to the fridge where there are pickles then end at the bathroom where there is a pregnancy test

* Decorate your spare room with streamers and balloons with a sign that says, "future baby's room"

* Send out "Save the date cards" to friends and family and put the date that the baby is due on them

* Go all out with a "special date night" that includes dinner and a night at a hotel. Ask the hotel to decorate the room with pink and blue flowers as well as a crib.

Have any additional ones to add to the list? Share them with us! Who did you tell first and at what week/month? There are advantages to sharing early in the game and waiting, so we want to know what you think! Have a fabulous day!

The Moody Mamas

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