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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thinking about your upcoming baby shower, and have no idea where to begin to start planning it? Well don’t you worry! We at Moody Mamas would love to talk about some festive party ideas that have been shared with us over time. Planning a baby shower should be something fun and exciting, not a pain in the butt!

Now, we all know that food and get-togethers come hand in hand. So it is a good idea to have a lot of little finger foods for guests to pick and chose from. Fruits and veggies with special dips can be super scrumptious (and also healthy). Mini treats like pigs in a blanket, or tiny sandwiches are also a yummy starting plate. For those of you who would like to have a main course, one good idea could be to cater from a favorite local restaurant, which would save time and cleanup.

For a funky dessert, rice crispy rattles can really wow a crowd. All you need to do is make large rice crispy balls, and coat them in a sugar frosting of your choice. Then take some Popsicle holders and insert one side of the stick into each ball. Tie some ribbon at the base where the ball and the Popsicle stick meet, and voila! Baby rattle galore! If you are the creative type, you can even paint the Popsicle holder with little designs.

Another cute baby theme that is starting to get actually quite popular is “baby diaper cakes”. This could make a very cute centerpiece, and mommy to be can save them for when the baby is born! These “cakes” are very simple to make. Instructions are very easy to find on many baby shower websites.

Need a party favor idea? Go to the dollar store and pick up some little baby booties. You can fill them up with baby shower candies to give away to your guests when they are leaving. You can also use baby booties as decorative pieces as well. Put tiny candle holders inside the booties and use them as centerpieces around the house.


This is where the real fun happens, what is a baby shower without the games? Some real cute and interesting games we have come across may make your baby shower stand out from others!

Never say “baby” game

- When each guest arrives at the baby shower location, give each guest a necklace with a couple of baby safety pins attached to it. Each guest will start off with one safety pin. Throughout the day, whenever someone uses the word “baby”, someone ELSE will need to call it out, and whoever said “baby” in the first place gives their pin to the guest who called it out. Whoever ends up with the most baby pins at the end of the day wins a prize!

Bottle Chug

- Fill up some baby bottles with milk or a beverage of your choice, and have two guests compete against each other to see who can drink the most of the beverage from the bottle in a certain short period of time. This game usually gets a lot of laughs from guests, you don’t see adults sucking a bottle too much in ones life!

Baby Bingo

- All you will need for this game is Pre-Printed Bingo cards, and pens. Before the mom to be opens her presents, number each gift with a little card. For example, if you know that 20 people are attending your shower, pre-print or make bingo cards with numbers 1 through 20 and randomly put them on 20 cards on each gift. When the expecting mother opens her presents, she grabs the present she wants to open and calls out the number that she sees on the card. As soon as someone gets a bingo, they win the game and a special prize! This is a nice game to play during the opening of presents, because we all know how sometimes present opening can take a VERY long time. It is nice for guests to be more involved in that process as well!

Who’s That Baby?

- Have each guest bring in a picture of themselves as a baby. Put all of the pictures up on a bulletin board and have other guests try to decide who is who. Give out pens and paper to each guest and give them all ten minutes to match the baby pictures to the guests. Whoever has the most correct answers is the winner! This is a great icebreaker for guests who don’t know one another.


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