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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tips Tuesday

Often times a woman is overcome with joy and emotion upon finding out that she is pregnant. A new way of life is about to begin and a new person is going to be born in just a few months. All the anticipation of becoming a mom can bring moments of joy and excitement, however being pregnant can also cause feelings of emotional stress and frustration that seemingly come out of nowhere. How is it possible to feel ecstatic about life one minute, and then want to cry the next? You could be suffering from hormonal mood swings. No, they are not a cliché of pregnancy…they are the real deal.

Mood swings can start to occur at week six of pregnancy, and can last for a month or more. We know that these abominable emotional changes can severely annihilate your relationships and make you feel teary-eyed for no reason at all, so in hopes to “take you to your happy place”, here are some tips on how to be prevent those darn mood swings from taking over your life!

*Zone out and take a prenatal yoga class

- There is an abundant amount of benefits that you can be obtained from practicing prenatal yoga. Prenatal yoga improves your circulation (which helps with the swelling of your feet), and flexibility of the hips. This form of yoga also helps with insomnia, discomfort of the back and legs, and of course, stress. We recommend brining a friend along and going for a yummy treat after class!

*Nap it out

- Stress during pregnancy can cause constant fatigue, so taking a nap for at least 25 minutes to an hour a day is a great idea if you can make time for it. Also, make sure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, because lack of sleep can cause extra crankiness and stress.


- Another way to get some energy is to get moving! Take a stroll with your hubby, or go for a speed walk with a girlfriend. As little as 30 minutes of walking a day can greatly increase your energy, and your mood. Just be sure to take breaks when needed and bring along some H20 to stay hydrated.

*Try something new.

- Take up a new class that you have never tried before. A cooking class for an exotic cuisine can lift your spirits if you love to cook, but make sure you call ahead to see what the menu will entail to be sure that none of the smells or ingredients will cause you nausea! If you are artsy, try a free art class at the local art museum.

*Bond with those you care about.

- Here at Moody Mamas, we know that just a little bit of girl talk can brighten our day, so lift your spirit in just a few minutes. Call up a friend who makes you laugh, or schedule an extra long lunch break with a group of girlfriends so you can chat about some juicy gossip. Of course, don’t forget about your loved ones! Make time for a yummy get together or a movie night to brighten your mood.

*Pamper yourself

- Put YOURSELF at the top of your to do list! Go get a prenatal massage from a spa close to home, or indulge in a pedicure and make sure the nail esthetician lingers longer than usual on the foot rub. Remember that not everything has to be checked off your to do list before the baby is born. Making time for you is crucial, so don’t feel guilty when you cater to yourself by spending a day at the spa.

Just remember that it is absolutely normal to experience mood swings throughout your pregnancy, but don’t be afraid in sharing your emotions. Seek comfort in your family, friends, and your community to help you along the way.

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