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Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Monday!

Being pregnant is "oh so hot" right now! If you are expecting, you are not alone! So many celebrity moms have been announcing their pregnancies recently. New to the growing list? Natalie Portman, 3o Rock's Jane Krakowski and Victoria Beckham. We love seeing pregnant celebs, because they usually have great style and show the world that you can still look hot when you are pregnant. Though all of these ladies are newly pregnant, we have taken a look at their general fashion choices and have come MM pieces we think that they should start thinking about adding to their wardrobes.

*Natalie Portman: A girl with great style, Natalie looks great in soft romantic ruffles and clean lines. Often dressed in black, Natalie is a chic dresser who is not afraid fashion risks. We think that the Elle Dress (pictured above), available on is a great choice for Natalie when she starts showing.

* Jane Krakowski: We love this comedienne and her style. Jane loves color but likes to keep her style classic, simple and modern. Fortunately for Jane, we have just the thing!
With her blue eyes and blonde hair, we think that this blue tone will make her shine on the red carpet. This dress is currently available on

* Victoria Beckham: She is referred to as "Posh Spice" for a reason. Victoria is a fashion icon and is one to constantly changing her appearance and her outfits to keep ahead of times. Though Victoria's style cannot be defined by a few words, she often chooses clothing that can be called "sleek and chic".
Because Victoria likes to look sexy, we think that this adorable leopard print tank paired with a skinny jean and some heals would suit Victoria's style well.

What do you think? Have any style ideas for these newly pregnant celebs? Share them with us!

Have a great Monday!
The Moody Mamas

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