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Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Friday!

What a great way to start the weekend! Looks like Alicia Silverstone and Selma Blair announced that they too, are pregnant!

We at Moody Mamas are more than ready for Spring to grace us with its presence, and we bet you are too. Some of us are absolutely ready to retire our bulky sweaters and welcome some spring essentials. Some upcoming trends to try out, you ask? Well here you go!

Pastels, and bright, lively colors:

-Winter is a time for dark washes such as grays, navy blues, and winter greens, but now it is time to start thinking about a new color palette for the upcoming seasons. Start incorporating some egg shell blues, and pastel pinks into your wardrobe. These nice, calming colors can lift your spirits and also make you feel fabulous! Throw in some intense colors as well. Intense oranges and reds will make your outfit pop. Going to work? Put on a cherry red blazer. Red is a color of power. Not only will it make you feel fierce, but it will show your coworkers that you mean business!

Lace, lace, and more lace!

-Lace is once again making a comeback, but the key to this style is, less is more. Look for pieces that have a lace neckline, and something unique with and antique twist. Try to veer away from the “lingerie”; playing it safe is better than going out looking like you forgot to change out of your undergarments!

Feminine Dresses

-Spring is the best time to rock some soft dresses that have feminine details. Flowing fabrics are great for comfort, and will not cling to your body; try finding one with a flower print to add a nice spring touch. Flowing, airy dresses are a great way to express how you feel, since often times, pregnancy makes some women feel extra girly!

Rocker chic meets military

-If the girly-girl vibe is not your style, go for something like pairing a military jacket with some torn jeans and a funky shirt. Remember, even though you are pregnant, it does not mean you cannot express you inner style during your pregnancy!

Enjoy your weekend!

Xoxo, Moody Mamas.

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