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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tips Tuesday!

With so many celebs announcing their pregnancies, it's easy to look at the hot trends and find ways to incorporate them into a maternity style- after all, these celebs are proving that you can still look "red carpet" ready when you're preggers.

Natalie Portman and Jane Krakowski looked fabulous as they showed off their bumps at the Golden Globes this past weekend. Ms. Portman looked stunning in a sweetheart neck dress gown and Ms.Krakowski wore a one-shoulder, floor length gown that made her look like a goddess. Now, we realize that both of these ladies were most likely wearing custom-made dresses, but you can look just as put together by using their style as an example. Lesson learned? You do not need to cover your arms just because you are pregnant. Of course, if you are not feeling totally confident about particular appendages, then by all means conceal them. However, if you are feeling up to showing a little skin, your arms and your decollete are great ways to make you look va va voom! Here are few more tips to make your pregnant style soar instead of sink:

* Take advantage of your fabulous hair! Generally speaking, pregnancy hormones prevent your hair from shedding, so you might find that your hair is abnormally voluminous and shiny at this time. Show if off! If you don't feel up to dressing to the nines, accessorize your gorgeous mane with headbands or fun barrette.

* Don't hide your bump in a tent. You might notice that most celebs will accentuate their new bumps on the red carpet by wearing clothing that separates the boobs from the belly. Though you might not feel like wearing a tight dress, you can still achieve a figure flattering look by utilizing this concept when getting dressed. Contrary to what you might think, shapeless sacks and tent-like pieces will make you actually look bigger so if you are going for comfort try wearing a dress with a tie that you can loosen and tighten, or a top with shirring on the sides to show off your curves.

* Have fun! Why post-pone trying a new trend until after you have the baby? It is still important to maintain your sense of style because to some degree, your style is part of who you are and why do you want to lose that just because your are expecting? We understand that things might fit you differently now, but that is no reason to forgo being fashionable altogether! For example, maybe now is not the time to try high-waisted pants, but florals are certainly a trend you can apply. Love the stripes you have been seeing? Wear them! Stripes look fabulous on pregnant ladies. Point is, you never know until you try, so dare to play with your style just like you did before.

Have a fabulous day!!
The Moody Mamas

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