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Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Monday!

Mondays can be so gloomy! Just knowing that the fabulous weekend is over is a buzz kill in itself. We want to cheer you up, so we scoured the web for something silly and sure enough we found something that got us giggling-ridiculous baby shower gifts! Think about adding these to your list of must-haves…or on second thought, maybe not.

*Baby Tattoo

We have heard about parents getting tattoos in honor of their babies, but now you baby can have your baby get a tattoo in honor of you! Check out this site for FDA and mom approved baby tattoos. Unlike the real kind, these are temporary and of course wash off. These will definitely bring laughs if you are planning on introducing your baby to family or friends for the first time!

*Baby Cleaning Mop

Feeling a little lazy? Put your baby to work! No need to slave away cleaning your floor when you just have the kiddo do it. This onesie with bristles will do the trick. We kid, but it is a great gag gift to get a bestie who hates to clean!

*Parent Apology cards

Ever been to a nice restaurant and see a family with a kid running around the tables clearly on a sugar high? Well, this could be you someday! Here is a funny gift to help you get through the numerous apologies that come along with raising a child who just wants to have fun! Parent apology cards have some pretty hilarious lines you could use the next time your son our daughter runs through your neighbors flower bed or tracks mud through your friends house.

*‘Daddy Diaper Duty’ survival kit

A fabulous silly gift to get a daddy-to-be! This survival kit comes with a nose plug, rubber gloves, protective goggles, and “biohazard buster’s wonder wipes”.Now he will never have an excuse not to change the diaper!

*Two front teeth pacifier

Is your baby teething but still has a way to go before he/she produces her own? Check out this ridiculous pacifier! Bring your baby to the grocery store with this pacifier and you will definitely get some double takes and giggles from shoppers.

Hope these brighten your day!


The Moody Mamas

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