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Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Friday!

It feels like the past few months the majority of people were hibernating, but now spring time is here- Hooray! We bet all of you are very anxious to get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air, and what better way to enjoy time outside than with your hubby! Today, we came up with some fabulous spring time date ideas that you and your loved one can relish.

Visit a park!
• There are so many great activities that you can do in a park. For starters, visit
the local farmers market to pick up some organic and locally grown goodies.
Have your hubby whisk up something scrumptious, and chow down on a
healthy lunch by having a picnic in the park. Another bonus? You get to
people watch while you savor each others company!
• Throughout the spring time and summer time, many concerts are held at local
and city parks. A lot of the time it is free to watch, so take a walk down to
your town’s park and enjoy some live music. Bring a kite along and see if you
still have the same super kite flying skills as you did when you were a kid.
• Go stargazing at night! Take a drive to an area that has little light pollution,
bring a big blanket, and sit atop of your car and watch for shooting stars!
• Some parks have botanical gardens that are starting to bloom, taking an after
lunch stroll through these is a nice afternoon pick me up.

Visit the Zoo
• Now is the time to start doing outdoor activities, and visiting the zoo is a
perfect one! You may even see some spring time newborns, it also might get
you excited about your little one on the way!
Batter up!
• Baseball season is here! This is a date idea that your hubby would LOVE.
Going to a baseball game is something fun and exciting to do if you have been
stuck at home all winter. Give in to your cravings and get a hotdog with extra
onions or a big bag of cotton candy.

Drive- in Movies
• Cozy up next to your lover in the back of your car if you have a van, or bring
some lawn chairs and pack some snacks to see a drive-in movie! This is a
great way to get out of the house and enjoy some snuggle time with your man
(especially if you are seeing a scary movie)!

River/Dinner Cruise
• This would be a great way to spend a romantic spring night. Get all dolled up,
show off that baby bump, and head to the pier! Some dinner cruises can be
expensive, but a lot of websites like or have
occasional discounts on dinner cruises up to 70% off!

Horse Carriage rides
• Cities like Chicago and New York have year round Horse Buggy rides. Spring
time is the perfect time to take a ride throughout the city and smell the fresh

As well all know, spring is the season for love, so enjoy every minute you can with your mate before the baby is born. This is a perfect time to do some extra “bonding” you can be ready and confident for when baby arrives!

Have a fabulous day!

The Moody Mamas

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