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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Say what? Things you might not have been told about pregnancy...

Mood swings, cravings, morning sickness, as your due date draws closer you might experience some or all of these typical effects of pregnancy. However, many women also experience changes that take them by surprise. Don't think that your doctor has failed you just because something was left out, the real issue is that women's bodies react to pregnancy in different ways. Want to gain insight into some of the stranger phenomenons? Here are some things you might not already know about pregnancy:

* One out of four pregnant women suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome when they are pregnant. Some of the symptoms might include numbness in forearms and hands when sleeping or typing. Usually, this syndrome pops up in the second or third trimester, but it will most likely disappear within a month of giving birth.

* Hair, hair, everywhere! A great effect of pregnancy is that the extra hormones secreted by your body can cause your hair and nails to grow faster than normal, giving you more hair and longer nails. However, because hair is growing at a rapid rate, you might find that your hair is growing in unwanted areas such as on your face or around your nipples. Some women find that their hair texture and color changes when they are pregnant. Luckily, these changes do not usually last past the duration of your pregnancy- but neither will your rapid hair growth. In fact, many women experience significant hair loss post-partum or after they stop breast feeding,

* You knew your belly would grow, but your feet? Yes, it is true! Due to fluid retention, some women can go up a size or two in their shoes when they are pregnant and it may remain this size after birth as well.

* You become more "bendy". During pregnancy, your body produces a hormone called "relaxin" which helps your body prepare for giving birth. The relaxin hormone can loosen up the ligaments in your body which might make you feel less tight but more prone to injury, so be careful when you go to the gym!

* Sleepy? You might be getting more hours of sleep but it might not necessarily be quality. A lot of women experience very intense dreams and even nightmares when they are pregnant. Generally due to stress and anxiety, nightmares are normal during pregnancy because the mother-to-be might be manifesting her fears in the form of bloody nightmares or other equally scary scenarios. If you are prone to this, try giving yourself some time to read a "happy" book or a sitcom before bed to alleviate your nerves before bed.

* Is your belly button looking a little different? You are not alone. Many women will notice that their belly button starts to pop out, is really hard, or has hair surround it. Some women even find that it is sore.

*Have a sudden urge to re-paint your entire house or do a total home make-over? Blame it on your "nesting instinct". A lot of women find themselves needing to organize all aspects of their lives in order to prepare for the new arrival. As great as it is to clean, don't over do it! Take some time to rest and hydrate if you are prone to these organizing sprees!

Have you experienced any strange or wonderful things during your journey to becoming a mother? Share them with us! We would love to hear from you so that other women could feel comforted!

Wishing you a lovely Wednesday!
The Moody Mamas

1 comment:

  1. I was really sick when I was pregnant for at least 8 weeks. Flat out on the couch and couldn't keep a thing down. I even burst blood vessels in my eyes from throwing up so much. Oh the terrible acid barf!
    After that, I just threw up once in a while. Funny thing was, I lost cravings! When I could eat again, I ate, but didn't have one craving during pregnancy. They came back afterward. Crazy, right?