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Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Monday!

Spring officially began yesterday. It’s time to say goodbye to the brutal winter weather and welcome the crisp spring season with open arms! What better way to celebrate this recent change in weather than to get away on your own spring break trip? We’ve put together our top recommendations on where to escape to this season before the birth of your little bundle of joy.

Many people refer to this time with your significant other before the baby is born as a “babymoon”. Babymoon’s also don’t necessarily have to take place in the spring. You can have a little getaway with your loved one anytime before the baby is due. It’s a great time to re-connect and have some romantic time for yourselves before your lives become increasingly hectic and you’ll wish for this time back when you’re up at 3am with your little one. This is becoming an increasingly popular trend with celeb’s before they give birth, but you don’t have to be rich and famous and travel to exotic islands to enjoy a little r&r away from home before you give birth. Try one of these excellent idea’s we’ve put together just for you!

  • Spa/Resort Packages for Mom’s to be:

Barefoot and Pregnant is an excellent spa that is the first of its kind to cater specifically to expecting mothers. They offer services specifically designed to make you feel most comfortable at that specific stage in your pregnancy. You can also relax and practice your deep breathing with some prenatal yoga poses. They have numerous packages designed to fit any expecting mother’s wants and needs. These spa’s are located mainly throughout California, but don’t worry, you don’t need to travel all the way to California to experience these luxurious services. Many spas throughout the US from Connecticut to New Mexico have specially designed packages for expectant moms! So try something new and research a spa that is a short distance away (but still far enough away so you don’t feel so close to home).

  • A trip to a big city:

If you live within an accessible distance to Chicago, Los Angeles or New York weather by plane or car, book a weekend getaway at a luxurious hotel in the middle of the city and don’t be too shy to book the honeymoon suite for you and your significant other! This is a time to really reconnect and bond, there are no limitations on where you can go or stay! Big cities always have events going on and offer endless opportunities to have a great time, Broadway shows, festivals, shopping, candle light dinners, and much more. Remember always to consult with your doctor before traveling by plane, even if it’s only two hours away. Your second trimester is the most recommended time of travel while pregnant, your morning sickness should have worn off and you’re hopefully not too tired to be up and moving.

  • Exotic Locations:

Some couples use this opportunity to truly take a “babymoon” and use it as a sort of second honeymoon to either the same location or trying somewhere new. Exotic traveling is not completely off limits to you while pregnant but again, make sure all travel arrangements are approved by your doctor and you are as healthy as can be! Places such as the Bahamas, Mexico, and Hawaii are excellent beautiful locations to travel too. All of these places are very modern and will have the medical attention available in case of emergency. These island getaways can last anywhere from 2 nights to 7 nights. All depending on what you and your loved one can fit into your schedule at the time.

This time together is really something you will appreciate and be glad you did a few months from now when your worlds are changed forever and you add a new member to your family. Be safe and cautious with the activities you participate in and make sure to stay hydrated and rest every so often to ensure the health of yourself and baby, but use this time to celebrate the new life you are about to welcome into the world and make it as memorable as possible!

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