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Friday, March 18, 2011


Happy Friday! We hope that you have plans to embrace the fact that spring is finally here!! Today, we want to dish about breastfeeding! Some people have a very strong stance on breastfeeding and call themselves "radical lactivists" while others don't believe that nursing is necessary to a baby's health. We at Moody Mamas do not have a strong stance on the topic, but we do believe that knowledge is the key to life. Here are some pros and cons so that YOU can make an educated decision on whether breastfeeding is right for you.

How is breastfeeding beneficial?

  • Breastfeeding women need an extra 500 calories per day because the body burns around that amount while breastfeeding. So, you can eat more and lose weight faster, and you may be back in your pre-pregnancy shape quicker than you think!
  • There is nothing to buy or put together when you are breastfeeding, so it can give you much more freedom. Milk is always warm and ready when you need it!
  • As long as you have some form of coverage, you can breastfeed virtually everywhere! No need for an extra big diaper bag.
  • Some people believe that it is a very special bond between mother and baby when being breastfed
  • Some believe that it may protect against some breast and ovarian cancers: Estrogen levels are very low when you breastfeed.

Disadvantages of breastfeeding

  • Early breastfeeding may be uncomfortable.
  • It can put a lot of pressure on you! As a mommy, you are responsible for every single feeding that your child experiences. You can use a breast pump and store milk, but it can be a huge hassle.
  • Some women feel more tired and sluggish than usual while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding does drain a lot of energy from the body.
  • Some may feel dryness in the nipple area, as well as aches and pains.
  • The average newborn feeds approximately three to four hours a day, and for a very busy woman, this could be a burden on the schedule.
  • Some women find it a difficult task to accomplish, and some find it challenging. You may find yourself becoming anxious because your baby is not taking to your nipple.

Instead of feeling pressured to breastfeed or to not breastfeed, try to make this decision based on your own beliefs. Be kind to yourself no matter what you decide and feel confident that you will be a great mom either way.

Have a fabulous weekend!


The Moody Mamas

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