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Thursday, March 24, 2011

TG(almost) I F!!

Spring has sprung! Now along with the beautiful spring weather comes cleaning off the dust and dirt that has nestled itself all over your home this winter. To prepare for baby’s arrival or if you already have a newborn at home follow these tips to have a nontoxic safe sparkling environment for your baby to be in.
· When choosing nontoxic products, try a vinegar and water solution. This combo works best for cleaning windows and is inexpensive too!
· Hydrogen peroxide is great in helping to remove stains naturally and easily in any area of your home.
· When looking for a deodorizer and cleanser try a baking soda and water combination that is gentle enough to use on nearly every surface.
· Be sure to move all furniture and clean out the dust bunnies from underneath. Spring is the time when allergies get the worst and you want to avoid those nasty coughs and sneezes as much as possible!
· When cleaning off furniture in the baby’s nursery or any place in your home, try combining ¼ cup lemon juice with 1 tablespoon oil and use a cloth to rub on
· While you’re cleaning take the extra time to check for banned children's products. To check for recent recalled products, go to
· Test all your smoke alarms to ensure they are working, the batteries should be changed at least once a year so be sure to do that as well.

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Have a fabulous day & good luck spring cleaning!
The Moody Mamas

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