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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tips Tuesday!

It's spring break time and if you have been itching to get away with your partner for some pre-baby alone time, we recommend seizing the day. Sure, you will be able to spend time with your loved one once the baby arrives, but we are talking about quality time. You know, the kind where you can sleep in, have romantic dinners out, and luxuriate. Many people refer to this type of escape as a "babymoon" because like the honeymoon, it marks the time for a couple to wind down, bond and celebrate a new step in life together. The appeal of this vacay is that it does not need to happen in a certain time of your pregnancy nor does it have to be long or pricey. Here are some of our favorite tips for going on a pre-birth escapade:

* Plan your trip for when you are feeling best. Some women feel fine early in their pregnancy, so if you want to getaway in your first trimester, no problem! However, most women feel most comfortable in their second trimester, so perhaps that is the best time to travel if you are planning on going far.

* Discuss your plans with your OB. If you are considered "high risk", your doctor might recommend that you stay closer to home or he/she might have some ideas as far as medical facilities near the area you are traveling to (just in case).

*Check for travel restrictions. Generally, pregnant women are considered "safe to fly" up to 36 weeks but it all depends on the airline. Also, if you are planning on taking a cruise, check to make sure that the cruise line will permit you travel.

*Taking a road trip? Place your seatbelt under the abdomen and as low on your hips as possible. This tip is good for whenever you drive, because it can prevent you and your belly from hitting the dashboard if a car accident occurs. It is also recommended to move your seat as far as possible ( of course you should be able to touch the pedal if you are driving) but this position allows you to keep distance between the steering wheel and dashboard.

*Keep your body moving when traveling. Your body needs help with blood circulation so get up and move every two hours if possible. Additionally, you will lessen the risk of blood clots, swelling, and leg cramps.

* Look out for places that offer special "babymoon" packages. A lot of these packages offer special perks for parents- to -be and take extra steps to ensure that that the vacation will be as relaxing as possible.

Happy Mardi Gras! Have a great Fat Tuesday!!

The Moody Mamas

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