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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tips Tuesday!

The spring is a beautiful time to have a baby shower. The temperatures are not too hot, the flowers are just starting to bloom and of course the spring is associated with new life, which is apropos for the new life you are bringing into the world!

Whether your baby shower is being hosted by friends/family or you are hosting the party yourself, you need to decide if you want type of baby shower you want. Baby showers don't need to be made up of "baby talk" and silly diaper games. Think outside the box! Taking some tips from celebrities who have had lots of help with their baby shower festivities, here are some creative ideas to incorporate into your big day!

* If you already know that you are having a girl, throw a "Pretty in Pink" party like P.Diddy and Kim Porter. No need to go to lavish like this couple did...they registered for an $88,OOO Mercedes for their twins to ride in, however ideas like serving pink "mocktails" and getting personalized pink M&M's made for the party are totally budget friendly.

*Serve kiddy favorites that the big kids will enjoy like Tori Spelling and Dean Mc Dermott. Comfort foods like mini grilled cheese bites, mac and cheese balls, tuna fish melts and pigs in a blanket are sure to win over the crowd and since they are "bites", the guilt with indulging can be removed!

* Invite a local manicurist to come to your house to treat your guests to a relaxing spa day.

* Wish you could see into the future and learn more about your baby to be? Hire a psychic or a tarot card reader- all in good fun, some of your biggest questions might be answered!

* Create a theme based on your favorite childhood movie or book like Nicole Richie did- her theme was "The Wizard of Oz". Serve food and drinks that tie in the theme and maybe even play the movie or music soundtrack in the background.

* Have you scored enough baby gear to last you for a few years? Give your guests the option to donate to your favorite charity in lieu of receiving gifts like Rachel Zoe. This fashionista started another great trend by having her attendees donate to Baby2Baby, a Los Angeles organization that donates infant items to families in need.

Have we missed some of your favorite baby shower ideas? Share them with us! We are sure other ladies would love to hear your tips too!

Enjoy your Tuesday!

The Moody Mamas

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