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Friday, March 4, 2011


Happy Friday! The weekend is here. Hooray! Perhaps you are planning on staying in for most of the weekend or perhaps you are planning on getting social-hopefully you are doing a little bit of both because studies show that to keep a pregnant woman at her healthiest, a sense of community is key. Regardless of ethnic background or socioeconomic status, pregnant women have lower levels of stress, and lower blood pressure when have people in their lives they can count on.

Going it alone can be a challenge for any mom to be, yet it is also difficult if you are the only one of your friends who is experiencing pregnancy.Fortunately, there are lots of ways for moms-to-be to connect with others who are going through the same experience. From online groups and blogs, to meet up groups, nothing is better than having other women around to share your joys and fears with! Here are some of our favorite ways to network with other pregnant women:

1. Join a local "bump" club or "mommy group". You can easily find them if you google "mom groups" in your area. If you area does not have a group already, create one! Invite some pregnant women who you might have seen shopping at a baby boutique, at the obstetrician, or childbirth classes for a group coffee date. You'll be surprised how fast word spreads! Pretty soon, you'll end up with a strong attendance!

2. Meet Online- who says online meet-ups are just for dates? Many sites like Pregnancy Plante and Baby Gaga have discussion forums and online chat groups. Who knows, if it goes well, you might even find a local pal through one of these online forums!

3.Join a pre-natal yoga class, pilates or another type of exercise group for moms. Many recreational facilities offer pre-natal classes for free so check out your local park district for many information.

4. Look for a baby-food cooking class- many cooking schools are starting to offer cooking classes that equip parents and parents-to-be with all the necessary skills for whipping up fresh or organic baby food.

5. Attend a local baby boutique or a maternity boutique event. Many boutiques realize how important it is for moms to meet each other, so many of them elect to host benefits, fashion shows, and other fun events to bring their special customer together. Not only will you nab a great deal, you might also find yourself a great new friend!

We hope that you have a fantastic weekend!!
The Moody Mamas

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